Birth date for James Cooley that married Jane White

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The birth date for James Cooley in the Cooley-White family histories I have seen gives 1802 as his date of birth not 1808. One history lists him as James Cooley, Jr. but did not see anything to confirm that either. This history gives both 1802 for birth in Goose Creek, Green County, Ky but also lists the possibility of his birth at 1808 in Casey County, Ky.

The birth date given for Jane White is June 25, 1802 in Mercer Co., Ky. Would Jane have married someone six years younger than she, perhaps when she was 18 or 19?

Another source to look at is Jan Martinet's Cooley history. On page 2 she gives details of Joseph T. Cooley's estate probated in Clay County, Missouri dated Sept. 12, 1826. It shows the following heirs to Joseph T. Cooley and I am quoting:
Keziah Cooley, his widow and their children: Polly Mitchell, John, Elizabeth Cooley, Hannah Wilson, Evaline, Christopher C. Cassander, Harrison, Jackson, Franklin and Eli.

  She does not list a James Cooley at all and he would still have been alive in 1826. I suppose it is possible if there was a James he could have received no inheritance. Can't rule that out.
This does not state if there was a will, just that it was probated on this date.

I would suspect this is why historians have concluded that James Cooley that married Jane White is James Cooley's son. There should be no doubt from this that John Cooley that married Elizabeth White was Joseph's son.
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