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I had meant this to go to the list, regarding the Goodes and Cooleys.

Also, another researcher has pointed me to this record:

Series: T623 Roll: 873 Page: 285

Robbert Burrel, Head, Oct 1825, 74, NC, NC, NC
" Alzada M, wife, Aug 1826, 73, MO, KY, KY
" Sarah E, dau, Aug 1862, MO, NC, MO

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Subject: Re: Fw: Question on James Cooley and Jane White
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Date: Sun, September 25, 2011 6:20 pm
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Thanks, Jane. Synching up the birth dates may be key on this. But I
certainly think it's worth looking into.

The Goodes are interesting. There seems to have been a fifty-year (or
more) association between the Goodes and Cooley, beginning with the 1755
enlistment in Virginia of John Cooley and Richard Goode.

The 1800 will of John Good was key in figuring out William Matthews
Cooley. Here's what I say about it at

1800 - William Cooley and John Cooley are witnesses to the will of John
Good of Lincoln county KY. John's "trusty and well beloved friend" Major
Joseph Gray of Washington county is one of the executors. John's son,
Timothy Good and father, Thomas Good, are named. Note that the Goodes and
Cooleys were closely aligned in Surry (later Stokes) county NC. The senior
John Cooley and Richard Goode, nephew of Thomas, served together 1755 from
Caroline co VA.

And a footnote:

Will of John Good, Lincoln county KY, will book C page 23, dated 6 Apr
1800, recorded 8 Jul 1800. Names wife Junny Good, son Timothy Good,
daughters Nancy and Ellender Good, father Thomas Good. Executors are Maj
Joseph Gray of Washington co KY, Thomas Hutchins and Jinny Good. Witnesses
are William Cooley, Joseph Ayre and John Cooley. Thomas Good was the uncle
of Major Richard Goode of Stokes county, NC. As young men, Richard Goode
and John Cooley (also later of Stokes county) enlisted into the Virginia
Regiment, 1755, at Caroline county VA.

(Note that I;ve been corrected at least once by a Goode descendant on the
relationship between Timothy and Richard. I may still not have it right!)

Maj Joseph Gray was William Cooley's father in law. Both both died in
Stewart county TN.

I think Richard Goode also had a brother named Timothy. Some websites say
the Richard was the grandfather of Timothy Goode Cooley, but Richard's
will disproves that. The name of Thomas Hutchins in the above will is also
interesting, since John Cooley Jr named one of his sons Thomas Hutchins
Cooley--I'd bet for this man rather than for a relative. The point here
being that Timothy Goode Cooley may have been named for a -friend- of the
family, rather than from an actual family member.

More on my thoughts about James Cooley later. I've got four classes
beginning at 8 am tomorrow and will have to call it quits tonight!


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