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Michael, since you are taking a Civil War class, from the information you
are learning is there any possibility I could ever find information to prove
or disprove that my GG Grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Cooley, born 1845,
Missouri, daughter of William Cooley, born 1818, son of John(Joseph) served
as a Cpt. in the Civil War, Confederate side?? I have found her listed as
such in Jan Martinet's Cooley history but cannot find any thing to prove her
service under General Price. Was it illegal for a woman to serve as an
officer? Her brother died in southern prison and her father and another
brother were in prison in Alton, Ill.
Her first husband was killed by bushwhackers in Randolph Co. sometime prior
to 1868 when she married her second husband. Can't find that story either.
HIs name was Phillips and I don't know the first name.
Jane Wisdom

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> Good to hear from you, Shirley!
> Thanks for the info on Hank Jones. He's a very interesting fellow! I guess
> I haven't followed genealogy personalities as closely as I have jazz
> personalities. :)
> And thanks for the confirmation about the lack of legal status that women
> had back then. (I'm starting a book called "Mothers of Invention" for the
> Civil War class I'm taking. It's about just that--which, of course, was
> much worse in the South.) It is looking like the sisters were the oldest
> siblings in James's family--an interesting pattern: two or three girls
> followed by umpteen boys!
> -Michael
>> It's been several years since I head Hank speak. He is a Fellow of the
>> American Society of Genealogists and is best known for his books and
>> articles on the Palatines. You can read about him at
>> You are correct that the age of the female was inconsequential as once
>> she was married, even at say age 15, she would not be listed as a minor
>> heir. And yes, once married, her husband would normally control anything
>> she inherited.
>> Shirley Wilcox
>> On 9/27/2011 4:32 PM, Michael Cooley wrote:
>>> Of course, the -husbands- at that time were the actual heirs, as
>>> inferred
>>> in the "letters." The females ages may have been inconsequential because
>>> of their marriages.
>>> The only Hank Jones I've heard of is the great jazz musician (brother of
>>> Thad Jones and Elvin Jones)! I assume that Hank Z Jones is a noted
>>> genealogist.
>>> -Michael
>>>> females were of age at 18 and males at 21 doing this time period, I
>>>> believe. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
>>>> Just came home from hearing Hank Z Jones speak at our gen. meeting. He
>>>> is
>>>> always a very intertaining speaker. Since he lives here in San Diego
>>>> county we have him about every year or so.
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