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Is this list below supposed to be the children for James Cooley, son of

I have William Cooley born 1818 as John Cooley's son. John was the son of
Joseph and brother to James. This William Cooley was my 3rd great

The lists I have shows James' son, William W. as born in 1804. This is a
good time to fine- tune some of our lists. This new site is already being
very helpful for families to compare our lists and see if we can match
the children with the correct parents.

Does someone have a copy of the letters of James' administration and if so
could they be shared? I'm not certain what that refers to. Please
enlighten me.
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> This is what I have:
> Isaac N Cooley (1805-c1838) m1 Elizabeth Monroe m2 Nancy Massey
> My notes for him are at
> -Michael
>> I'm a little late to the party, but is the Isaac Cooley (brother of =
>> Tink) the same Isaac that married Frances Alley?
>> On Sep 26, 2011, at 11:16 PM, Michael Cooley wrote:
>>> I'm not sure where the date of 1808 originated, but it make sense if =
>> we
>>> accept the order of children listed in James's letters of =
>> administration:
>>> Demarquis D Cooley (1802-1826) m Rebecca
>>> Isaac N Cooley (1805-c1838)
>>> James M Cooley (1808-)
>>> Timothy Goode "Tink" Cooley (1810-1893)
>>> John H Cooley (1812-1846)
>>> Cornelius Cooley (1814-1843 MO)
>>> Benjamin R Cooley (1816-1880+ MO)
>>> Mathias M Cooley (1818-1870)
>>> William W Cooley (1818- MO)
>>> I know that the year of Matthias's birth is pretty solid due to census
>>> records and his tombstone. I think Ben's also is consistent with =
>> census
>>> records. How about Tink's? I understand that's solid too. If the birth =
>> order
>>> is correct and James was born between Isaac and Tink, then 1808ish =
>> works.
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