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Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 16:04:46 -0700

Hi Sandy,

Boy, I don't know. If it belongs to Perrin C, that would make perhaps four
marriages attributed to him which, of course, is not unreasonable. Perrin
Jr was still alive in 1880 so he's a possibility, but it seems unlikely.

And I'm still stumped by this census entry:

Series: M432 Roll: 99 Page: 306

Perrin Cooley 27 Farmer MO
Harriet Cooley 19 IL
Edward Cooley 18 MO

Hope you don't mind that I copy the list. Two or three of Perrin C's
descendants arre monitoring. They'd be interested in this marriage.


> Michael,
> I found another marriage for Perrin Cooley in Missouri. He is listed in
> the
> index as Perrice Cooley but checking the marriage record it is
> definitely Perrin
> Cooley.
> Perrin Cooley of LaPlata, Macon County to Eliza Rudolph of Kirksville,
> Adair
> County on 13 Mar 1889. Who do you think this Perrin Cooley is?
> On 27 Mar 1891 Perrin C. Cooley of LaPlata, Macon County married Margaret
> A.
> Cooley at Kirksville, AdairCounty. This one I know we found earlier and
> she was
> his widow when he died.
> sandy
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