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The 1910 census said that Perrin had been married three times and his wife Margaret only once. Since Perrin C and Margaret A were married in 1891 in Kirksville [same place as the 1889 marriage] maybe Eliza of the 1889 marriage had died. Also, thought that this Perrin that married in 1889 might have been the son of Mathias M. Cooley, but leaning toward number two marriage for Perrin C. Cooley. However, if Perrin C and Margaret A had been married for 47 years in 1910 --- I am really confused. I found the Cooley family in Montana on three city directories. 1903 Billings MT Cooley, Perrin C, tmstr, h 303 N23d Cooley, Prince A, lab B& M R R co., r 303 N 23d 1910 Livingson MT Cooley, Albert P, farmer Cooley, Perrin E 1911 Helena MT Coole, C.W., inmate County Hospital Cooley, Charles, inmate County Hospital Cooley, Perrin C, rancher, r 1433 Walnut Cooley, Princess A, lab, h 1433 Walnut ________________________________ From: Michael Cooley <> To: John Cooley Mailing List <> Sent: Tue, June 19, 2012 4:47:25 PM Subject: Re: Perrin Cooley Looking at my notes for Perrin C, the 1910 census says that Perrin and Margaret had been married for 47 years. That would make their marriage at about 1863, the year of Joseph Custer Cooley's birth. They had Albert in 1875 and Frederick c1879. The 1900 and 1910 census both state that 2 of their seven children were still living, obviously Joseph and Albert. Looking at the 1860 census, he may have been married to Polly Wood and had a four year old daughter, Harriet. And he could have been the Perrin married in 1849 to Emeline Sutton. If we believe that he and Margaret had been married for nearly 50 years, then what of these later marriages? We know that Mathias M Cooley had a son named Perrin, born c1856. Might he have returned to Missouri? -Michael > Hi Sandy, > > Boy, I don't know. If it belongs to Perrin C, that would make perhaps four > marriages attributed to him which, of course, is not unreasonable. Perrin > Jr was still alive in 1880 so he's a possibility, but it seems unlikely. > > And I'm still stumped by this census entry: > > 1850 > ILLINOIS > CALHOUN > ILLINOIS > Series: M432 Roll: 99 Page: 306 > > Perrin Cooley 27 Farmer MO > Harriet Cooley 19 IL > Edward Cooley 18 MO > > Hope you don't mind that I copy the list. Two or three of Perrin C's > descendants arre monitoring. They'd be interested in this marriage. > > -Michael > >> Michael, >> I found another marriage for Perrin Cooley in Missouri. He is listed in >> the >> index as Perrice Cooley but checking the marriage record it is >> definitely Perrin >> Cooley. >> >> Perrin Cooley of LaPlata, Macon County to Eliza Rudolph of Kirksville, >> Adair >> County on 13 Mar 1889. Who do you think this Perrin Cooley is? >> >> On 27 Mar 1891 Perrin C. Cooley of LaPlata, Macon County married >> Margaret >> A. >> Cooley at Kirksville, AdairCounty. This one I know we found earlier and >> she was >> his widow when he died. >> >> sandy > > -- > <a href="">distlist 0.9</a> > See for list > information. > -- <a href="">distlist 0.9</a> See for list information.
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