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I believe that the John Cooley who married Jane White was misidentified,
possibly by Pat Walker, as the son of James Cooley (1772-1821). For
several reasons, I think he was the son of Joseph Cooley (1767-1826) and
his first (unidentified) wife.

James and Jane had two daughters:

Macon county MO marriages:
A/46, 1/2/1844, Roberts Raphel, Cooley Nancy, AL Gilstrap JP
A/79, 8/27/1846, Roberts Brimel, Cooley Alzada, John Leathers Preacher

Sandra Stanton emailed this to me in Aug 2010:

Ltr. dated 22 Nov 1936 from Sarah Ellen Roberts to WW Smith stated the
following. "I do not have any record of the marriage or death of James
Cooley. I do not know when Thos. Tuttle and grandmother were married.
Uncle Washington [Tuttle] was the only child that I know of and he died in
1863. The names of the boys who died young were Demarcus and Henry Cooley"

We, then, have this:

Jane White m1 James Cooley
..Nancy Cooley m Roberts
..Alzada Cooley m Roberts
..Demarcus Cooley, died young
..Henry Cooley, died young
Jane (White) Cooley m2 Thomas Tuttle
..Washington Tuttle (-1863)

James died by 1929 having at least four children. As far as I know, the
marriage date for James and Jane is unknown, but the fact of four kids by
1829 would suggest a marriage by 1821. James son of James would have been
only 13. However, James son of Joseph would have been about 24. This is
far more reasonable.

Arthur Kiergan, born in the 1840s, was a great-grandson of Joseph Cooley.
Arthur knew the family very well and remembered his dad talking about
James Cooley and had always assumed he was a son of Joseph's. (James had
died a dozen or so years before Arthur's death.) He says this:

Letter, 30 May 1932, from Arthur M Kiergan to Mildred Cooley Tallant.

"The bondsmen for James Cooley, [can't read] were evidently my grandfather
John Cooley and Thomas (Uncle "Tant") as my father called him was evidently
the brother of my grandmother White Cooley. But Jane [can't read] I cannot
place but likely was sis. to my grandfather. It would be most natural to
associate the close kin in such a capacity. It strikes me that this James
Cooley, of August 25, 1829, John Cooley and Jane Cooley were brothers and
sister and that Thos ("Tant") White was a brother to my grandmother. This
latter I know to be correct, for my father spoke of him often in my
childhood as my mother's uncle."

In other words,

Joseph Cooley
..John Cooley m Elizabeth White (sister of "Uncle Tant")
....Dorothy Cooley m Benjamin Kiergan
......Arthur Kiergan
..James Cooley m Jane White

To be fair, Arthur wasn't sure of the relationship but Walker's assertions
just does not work.

There's more info in my notes:
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