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Also, they are not on the Missouri Death Index. With their deaths in the 1930s they should have had a death certificate.    Only show on the Cemeteries of Macon county by Ellsberry and findagrave.

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Thanks for this, Sandra! BTW, Alzada and Burrel's cemetery records are at
findagrave. They died after 1900. I can't find them on the census. It
would be great to see where her father was said to have been born.


> Hi,
> It certainly does make sense that John Cooley, as mentioned below, would
> have been too young to be the son of James.
> I do think that the letter that Arthur M. Kiergan sent to Mildred Cooley
> Tallant dated 30 May 1832 mispoke where he mentioned the bondsmne as being
> John Cooley and Thomas (Uncle Tant)... It was Randolph White, Jr who was
> called Tant and not Thomas.
> I have another letter from Sarah E. Roberts to W.W. Smith dated 9 Sep
> 1936.
> Quote: [Dear Mr. Smith,
> Please pardon my delay in writing you. I hope the information which
> follows may be of some benefit to you.
>  My grandmother' name was Jane White, daughter of Randolph and Margaret
> Kirkland White. She was born Jan. 26, 1802.  She was married to James
> Cooley and three children were born to them, two boys and a girl.  Alzada
> (she had no there name). My mother, was born Aug 25, 1826 and she was
> married to Burrel Roberts Aug. 27, 1846. The boys died when young.  My
> mohter's name was Cooley and not Tuttle, as you have it.
>   Grandmother Cooley married Thomas Tuttle as her second husband, and
> Washington, the father of Mrs. Terrell was their son.  I think Nicholas
> Tuttle, The Revolutionary soldier was Thos. Tuttle's father.
>   If you will write, Mrs. W.H. Sears of Clarence, MO. she has all the
> information about the Tuttle family.
>   Grandmother had a number of brothers and sisters but the only ones I can
> recall her mentioning were, Harrison, Charles, John, Thomas and Tant and
> Margaret (Aunt Peggy Jackson).
>   I don't know anything about the other people you inquire about.
>   Some of the information I have given is from my Bible and part of it is
> from memory.
>   I should like to meet you sometime if you are ever in Macon.
> Sincerely,
> Sarah E. Roberts.
> [end quote]
> I wonder why she forgot to mention Nancy as a daughter.
> Sandy
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> I believe that the John Cooley who married Jane White was misidentified,
> possibly by Pat Walker, as the son of James Cooley (1772-1821). For
> several reasons, I think he was the son of Joseph Cooley (1767-1826) and
> his first (unidentified) wife.
> James and Jane had two daughters:
> Macon county MO marriages:
> A/46, 1/2/1844, Roberts Raphel, Cooley Nancy, AL Gilstrap JP
> A/79, 8/27/1846, Roberts Brimel, Cooley Alzada, John Leathers Preacher
> Sandra Stanton emailed this to me in Aug 2010:
> --quote--
> Ltr. dated 22 Nov 1936 from Sarah Ellen Roberts to WW Smith stated the
> following. "I do not have any record of the marriage or death of James
> Cooley. I do not know when Thos. Tuttle and grandmother were married.
> Uncle Washington [Tuttle] was the only child that I know of and he died in
> 1863. The names of the boys who died young were Demarcus and Henry Cooley"
> --endquote--
> We, then, have this:
> Jane White m1 James Cooley
> ..Nancy Cooley m Roberts
> ..Alzada Cooley m Roberts
> ..Demarcus Cooley, died young
> ..Henry Cooley, died young
> Jane (White) Cooley m2 Thomas Tuttle
> ..Washington Tuttle (-1863)
> James died by 1929 having at least four children. As far as I know, the
> marriage date for James and Jane is unknown, but the fact of four kids by
> 1829 would suggest a marriage by 1821. James son of James would have been
> only 13. However, James son of Joseph would have been about 24. This is
> far more reasonable.
> Arthur Kiergan, born in the 1840s, was a great-grandson of Joseph Cooley.
> Arthur knew the family very well and remembered his dad talking about
> James Cooley and had always assumed he was a son of Joseph's. (James had
> died a dozen or so years before Arthur's death.) He says this:
> Letter, 30 May 1932, from Arthur M Kiergan to Mildred Cooley Tallant.
> --quote--
> "The bondsmen for James Cooley, [can't read] were evidently my grandfather
> John Cooley and Thomas (Uncle "Tant") as my father called him was
> evidently
> the brother of my grandmother White Cooley. But Jane [can't read] I cannot
> place but likely was sis. to my grandfather. It would be most natural to
> associate the close kin in such a capacity. It strikes me that this James
> Cooley, of August 25, 1829, John Cooley and Jane Cooley were brothers and
> sister and that Thos ("Tant") White was a brother to my grandmother. This
> latter I know to be correct, for my father spoke of him often in my
> childhood as my mother's uncle."
> --endquote--
> In other words,
> Joseph Cooley
> ..John Cooley m Elizabeth White (sister of "Uncle Tant")
> ....Dorothy Cooley m Benjamin Kiergan
> ......Arthur Kiergan
> ..James Cooley m Jane White
> To be fair, Arthur wasn't sure of the relationship but Walker's assertions
> just does not work.
> There's more info in my notes:
> --
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