Elizabeth F. Cooley

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Elizabeth F. Cooley who married John Calvin Bailey - info I've gotten My mom (who is the g-g grandaughter of Elizabeth) has a 1st cousin who lives in Tennessee, and he stated that Elizabeth's mother was from Tennessee and her father's family was from Michigan.  I'm questioning the Michigan part; however, he is going to visit a woman today, who has written several books on the history of Dickson Tennessee, and who he says "knows the town better than anyone" to see if she has any information on Elizabeth Cooley.  He will forward any info to my mom. My mom was told that her great Aunt Risby Waynick Simmons was related to Elizabeth Cooley.  Risby was married to Levi Simmons.  Levi is the twin brother of my g-g grandfather Eli Simmons who married Nora Bailey who is the daughter of John Bailey and Elizabeth Cooley.  Risby's mother is Elizabeth J Bailey who is John Calvin Bailey's sister.  Elizabeth J. Bailey married Denard Waynick, and Elizabeth Cooley Bailey is buried in the Waynick Cemetery.   Hopefully I will have more information in the next few days. Gloria
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