Tax List 1775, Surry County, NC lists John & son James Cooley

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Hi all!
I just recently returned to my Cooley research after working on other lines. I don’t know exactly where I found this...but it is research done in 1991 by Jo White Linn paid for by you, Michael. Hopefully, I have not missed your discussion on this could this be John Cooley b. c 1740 and his son James listed on a tax list in 1775? Son James would have been only 3 years old! OR did I mistype and it should have been John Cooley & his son John? Although, John, Jr. would have only been about 14 or 15 years old.

I have John Cooley listed as being in the French & Indian War in it possible he only served 20 days?

Then I have him in Rowan County, NC on a Tax list (actually, a head tax) in 1760 which was actually compiled on 08 Oct 1758...there was only 1 taxable, which would have been John Cooley only. Unless this was not our John Cooley???

Based on Jo Whit Linn’s research, I have John listed on tax lists in Surry Co., NC in 1771, 1772, 1775, 1782 & 1784. lists John in Surry Co., NC “between 1784-1787” with “1 white male 21-60, 6 white males under 21 & above 60?, & 3 white females of all ages.

Then, of course, I have him on the 1790, 1800 & 1810 census records.

Question: Was John Cooley in the Revolutionary War??? Perhaps, in South Carolina? This is why I ask: In the book, “Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution” by Bobby Gilmer Moss – there are two Cooley’s listed:
“Cooley, James, S30961
b. 19 Oct 1760, VA
He enlisted during May 1776 and served under a Capt. Grogg (?). In August 1776, he was in a North Carolina unit and was eventually captured by Tarleton’s Light Horse. (Moved to Va. and Ky.)”

“Cooley, John
He served two hundred eighteen days in the militia under Capts. Joseph Johnston and Frederick Wommack from 26 April to 1 December 1781. A.A.1447; R407.”

The above James Cooley is listed in “Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files, Volume I: A-E”, abstracted by Virgil D. White.
“Cooley, James, S30961, NC & SC Line, sol was b 19 Oct 1760 in VA & lived in Craven County, SC at enlistment in May 1776 & lived in Surry County, NC at enlistment in August 1776 & later moved to Montgomery County, VA for 7 years then moved to Madison County, Kentucky & applied there 13 Aug 1832.”

Of course, if our John Cooley (c1740-c1811) was in the Revolutionary War, he would not have applied for a pension as he died prior to the time pensions were offered – which as you see John Cooley above was not given a pension number as was James Cooley.

Sorry, if you have already gone over this in the past.

Also...I happened to see a posting for Dr. Franklin Cooley, son of Joseph T. Cooley – stating his birthdate was July 1823. I have July of 1818, but his gravestone lists his birth as “1817”.

Sorry, if you have already covered all of this.
Mary Cooley
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