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Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 10:26:42 -0700 appears that Mary Frances Wernwag Cooley was not a Wernuke...Census records show name as Wernwag; Franklin Cooley wrote the name as Wernwag several times in his CW pension file; the marriage certificate/record lists her maiden name as Wernwag. I can only assume someone transcribed the death certificate incorrectly or Kate Cooley Robertson, step-daughter to Mary, gave incorrect information or?.


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Thank you Michael,

I removed the 1758/1760 info from John Cooley's page in my file, although
Sarah Matthews' father, James Matthews, Jr died in Gilford County, NC.

Franklin Cooley's name was B. Franklin Cooley as shown at Historic Missouri
Newspaper Project,

This is the information from Find A Grave for Franklin Cooley & Mary F.

Dr F Cooley
Birth: 1817
Death: 1911
Family links:
  Mary F Wernuke Cooley (1844 - 1920)*
*Calculated relationship
1817 -- 1911
Burial: Union Cemetery, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, USA
Plot: Section E Lot 11
Created by: J F-B
Record added: Aug 24, 2011
Find A Grave Memorial# 75424227

Mary F Wernuke Cooley
Birth: Sep. 21, 1844; Kentucky, USA
Death: Mar. 23, 1920; Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, USA
From death certificate:
~ Father: Thomas Wernuke, Virginia
~ Mother: Hannah Williams, Virginia
~ Widow
~ White
~ Retired
~ 77 years, 6 months, 2 days
~ Residence and place of death: 2628 E 7th
~ Informant: Mrs O S Robertson, 125 N Brighton
~ Cause of death: Cerebral hemorrhage; accidental fall at home; edema of
~ Burial: 24 Mar 1920; D W Newcomer's Sons Undertakers, 211 E 9th
     Note: Death certificate shows birh year as 1842 while gravestone shows
Family links:
  F Cooley (1817 - 1911)
1844 -- 1920
Burial: Union Cemetery, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, USA
Plot: Section E Lot 11
Created by: J F-B
Record added: Aug 24, 2011
Find A Grave Memorial# 75424185
The informant on Mary F. Cooley's death certificate was Mrs. O. S. Robertson
(daughter Kate Cooley who married Oscar G. Robertson). I am perplexed by
the spelling of Mary's last name as "Wernuke" as her name is spelled Wernwag
in Franklin Cooley's CW pension file. B. Franklin Cooley himself wrote her
name as "Mary Frances Wernwag".

I will look further for Franklin's birthdate...but since his daughter was
responsible for the dates on his headstone...I will go with 1811.

Thank you for the wonderful information!

Mary Cooley

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Hi Mary,

The listing for the tax census is interesting. I don't know to explain it.
Of course, it's further confirmation that James was John's son. Perhaps he
was bron believe we believe he was. Perhaps it was a total error on the
part of Jo.

I found the 1755 entry for John in Spotwood's Company. (See Actually,
I've just finished a class about the period. Washington's Virginia
Regiment was part of the regular British Army--a sore spot for him during
his early year. These men were more like militia and would come and go. If
he had stuck around long enough to get a second pay check, I can't find
him listed in Bockstruck's book. Then again, it may be that not all the
pay rolls are extant. We do find Richard Goode, however, in several lists.
(Goode was at Braddock's defeat, along with Washington, Daniel Boone and a
number of other future greats.)

I'm now of the opinion that the 1758 John Cooley was another man. Rowan
county was gigantic! (Virginia claimed it western boundary to be on the
Pacific Ocean!) This is my footnote about it on the webpage:

2. There is a John "Cooley?" listed on the 1758 tax list for Rowan
county, "a vast territory with an indefinite western boundary"
(Wikipedia) and a 1761 entry for John Cooly, "One of the Poor of the
Parish of St. Luke" (Abstracts of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions,
Rowan County, North Carolina, 1753-1789). The following quote, appears at (I've corrected the typos): "Among the
early tax lists in the North Carolina State Archives is a fragment of the
1758 Tax List of Rowan County, dated 8 October 1758. The persons named in
this one page list lived in that portion of Rowan County which became
Guilford in 1771 and Randolph County in 1779 - and resided in the
Northwest quarter of Randolph County, north and northwest of Asheboro..."
In other words, the John Cooley named in 1758 was some distance from Town
Fork Settlement, the only place we can reliably place our John Cooley.
Although both of these citations (1758 & 1761) may well be for our John,
the first wholly reliable reference to him is found with the 1771 Surry
County tax entry for John Cooley, Constable. His son, James, was born
there in 1772. It must be noted, however, that there is good evidence to
suggest that Perrin was born there in 1769, the same year that William
Cooley set out for Kentucky with Boone.

I think that he is just as likely to have been one of the other John
Cooleys in the area.

The James Cooley of the Rev was this man:

As you see, I have little on him. I once heard from a patrilineal
descendant of his but he never responded to my messages. (Those darned

I'm not sure about the John Cooley of the Rev you mentioned. I need to go
through my notes. Perhaps someone else has information.

Here's what I have on Franklin Cooley, including an old biography. If he
was indeed Joseph's last son, as everything suggests, the 1823 birth make

I'm not sure if you've been following the list. We have confirmed through
DNA that William Matthews Cooley was indeed of our Cooleys. (There's an
old reference that his mother was Sarah Matthews but we're unable to
verify it.) It's my best guess that he was John's eldest son, but I think
we're all open to other possibilities. We've been looking for an Abraham
descendant to test for months. BTW, a John Jr descendant has sent in his

Glad to see you back in the game, Mary!


> Hi all!
> I just recently returned to my Cooley research after working on other =
> lines. I don=E2=80=99t know exactly where I found this...but it is =
> research done in 1991 by Jo White Linn paid for by you, Michael. =
> Hopefully, I have not missed your discussion on this =
> could this be John Cooley b. c 1740 and his son James listed on a tax =
> list in 1775? Son James would have been only 3 years old! OR did I =
> mistype and it should have been John Cooley & his son John? Although, =
> John, Jr. would have only been about 14 or 15 years old. =20
> I have John Cooley listed as being in the French & Indian War in =
> it possible he only served 20 days? =20
> Then I have him in Rowan County, NC on a Tax list (actually, a head tax) =
> in 1760 which was actually compiled on 08 Oct 1758...there was only 1 =
> taxable, which would have been John Cooley only. Unless this was not =
> our John Cooley??? =20
> Based on Jo Whit Linn=E2=80=99s research, I have John listed on tax =
> lists in Surry Co., NC in 1771, 1772, 1775, 1782 & 1784. =20
> lists John in Surry Co., NC =E2=80=9Cbetween =
> 1784-1787=E2=80=9D with =E2=80=9C1 white male 21-60, 6 white males under =
> 21 & above 60?, & 3 white females of all ages. =20
> Then, of course, I have him on the 1790, 1800 & 1810 census records. =20
> Question: Was John Cooley in the Revolutionary War??? Perhaps, in =
> South Carolina? This is why I ask: In the book, =E2=80=9CRoster of =
> South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution=E2=80=9D by Bobby =
> Gilmer Moss =E2=80=93 there are two Cooley=E2=80=99s listed:
> =20
> =E2=80=9CCooley, James, S30961
> b. 19 Oct 1760, VA
> He enlisted during May 1776 and served under a Capt. Grogg (?). In =
> August 1776, he was in a North Carolina unit and was eventually captured =
> by Tarleton=E2=80=99s Light Horse. (Moved to Va. and Ky.)=E2=80=9D
> =E2=80=9CCooley, John
> He served two hundred eighteen days in the militia under Capts. Joseph =
> Johnston and Frederick Wommack from 26 April to 1 December 1781. =
> A.A.1447; R407.=E2=80=9D
> The above James Cooley is listed in =E2=80=9CGenealogical Abstracts of =
> Revolutionary War Pension Files, Volume I: A-E=E2=80=9D, abstracted by =
> Virgil D. White. =20
> =E2=80=9CCooley, James, S30961, NC & SC Line, sol was b 19 Oct 1760 in =
> VA & lived in Craven County, SC at enlistment in May 1776 & lived in =
> Surry County, NC at enlistment in August 1776 & later moved to =
> Montgomery County, VA for 7 years then moved to Madison County, Kentucky =
> & applied there 13 Aug 1832.=E2=80=9D
> Of course, if our John Cooley (c1740-c1811) was in the Revolutionary =
> War, he would not have applied for a pension as he died prior to the =
> time pensions were offered =E2=80=93 which as you see John Cooley above =
> was not given a pension number as was James Cooley. =20
> Sorry, if you have already gone over this in the past. =20
> Also...I happened to see a posting for Dr. Franklin Cooley, son of =
> Joseph T. Cooley =E2=80=93 stating his birthdate was July 1823. I have =
> July of 1818, but his gravestone lists his birth as =
> =E2=80=9C1817=E2=80=9D. =20
> Sorry, if you have already covered all of this.
> Mary Cooley=20

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