DNA for William Matthews Cooley

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Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 14:17:50 -0700

I just spent an hour and an half writing an email. Just moments before
sending it, I caused it to disappear! This one is going to be short and to
the point!

Thanks to Jeanette Pollard, Scott Cooley, as descendant of William
Matthews Cooley, has tested and is a match to the Stokes county Cooleys!
He matches 37/37 markers with Jim Cooley of Las Vegas. The ramifications
of the match are fascinating--but not cut and dry. (I talked at length
about it in my lost email!)

Here are some links that will bring you up to date:

The archive for this resurrected John Cooley Mailing List:

Timeline showing the paper trail of William Cooley from Stokes county NC
to Steward county TN:

DNA results:

Jim Cooley's lineage:

Since we now know that William was of the clan, I've merged his line with
John's. However, as good as it appears, we can't yet be certain that he
was John's son:

John Cooley page:

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Let's talk! Do you think William was John's son? Any ideas on Jim's line
and how he might fit? Any good information about Abraham Cooley of Surry
co NC? Any new research that the list should be aware of? Just respond to
this posting or send a new email to list_at_johncooley.net . I'll post more
about this and other subjects over the next couple of days.

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