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Hi Beverly,

Thanks. I'm forwarding this to the list so the others can see it.

It would sure be nice to be able to better sort out the Jonathans--his son
and his brother.


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I believe this might help in proving that George W Cooley was a son
of William M Cooley. In the first line of this first attachment, he
is listed with William M, Richard, Jonathan, George and William
Haggard, Jr., husband of Rebecca Cooley. In the second attachment, it
proves that George's wife was Nancy Hubbard. Nancy Hubbard was the
daughter of William and Sarah Johnson Hubbard. Sarah Johnson was the
daughter of Gideon Johnsen Jr. and Mary Baker De Graffenreid. Some of
this comes from the Hubbard Family Bible. I have a typed copy, which
I know is not a primary source, but believe it to be accurate as to
information. Perhaps some words are misspelled but otherwise useful.

I think this shows that Elizabeth Webster was a daughter of William
M. She is buried in Missouri.

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