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Yes, Scott Cooley sent a copy to me a few years ago. We've emailed about
this before. Here's an exchange between the two of you from last year:

I used to have his entry greyed out on the webpage. I'm not sure now what
convinced me to un-grey it.

This may be where I saw the Cooley/Parks marriage in respect to
Cooley/Hubbard for the first time:

It doesn't have a source. It certainly may be wrong.

I don't know if an obit for Richard M and his son Robert would help, other
than to verify that their parents were Jonathan and Mollie. The question,
of course, is whether their dad was the same Jonathan who died in Napa.
Now that I have finally found Richard on the census (as "Dick"), perhaps
more can be found. The 1920 census says his father was born in TN, his
mother in KS:

Series: T625 Roll: 100 Page: 134


> Michael,
> I have never seen the name Lycurgus in print. All I have is an L.
> I have never seen any sources for this Jonathan Lycurgus Cooley. Even
> the California Death Record only shows Father: Cooley. (I just came
> through Kern County. Wish I had know the Richard M Cooley death
> record. I could have stopped and picked up a copy.
> I have the Death Certificate for Jonathan L and it has the name of
> his father (George) and mother (Nancy Hubbard). I am quite sure this
> fellow is the son.
> Now the Jonathan Lycurgus and Jonathan L may be one in the same but I
> can't find any sources for the Lycurgus or Parks.
> I'm hoping to visit the Yountville Veterans Home this summer. Hope
> they can clarify this for me!
> Attached is the Death Certificate I have for Jonathan L Cooley.
> Thanks for sending me this notice.
> Beverly
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