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I have never seen the name Lycurgus in print. All I have is an L.

I have never seen any sources for this Jonathan Lycurgus Cooley. Even
the California Death Record only shows Father: Cooley. (I just came
through Kern County. Wish I had know the Richard M Cooley death
record. I could have stopped and picked up a copy.

I have the Death Certificate for Jonathan L and it has the name of
his father (George) and mother (Nancy Hubbard). I am quite sure this
fellow is the son.

Now the Jonathan Lycurgus and Jonathan L may be one in the same but I
can't find any sources for the Lycurgus or Parks.

I'm hoping to visit the Yountville Veterans Home this summer. Hope
they can clarify this for me!

Attached is the Death Certificate I have for Jonathan L Cooley.

Thanks for sending me this notice.



(image/jpeg attachment: 02-Jonathan_L_Cooley.DeathCertificate.jpg)

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