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This is the first of two emails I'm forwarding. I think they answer the
question. But why were Jonathan and Amy in separate locations--or is that
the right Jonathan in TN? Could he be he died and Amy moved the family to
MO just in time to get counted there, too.

Anyway, it looks very clear that Jonathan and Amy were married....


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Michael, here is what I have found on Amy, widow of Jonathan:

... Felix Frank who married Emma Wilson (daughter of James K. Wilson,
a native of Ireland and Benton pharmacist, and Geraldine Cooley
Wilson, daughter of Jonathan and Amy Cooley of Tennessee).

----Secondary Source: 1984 History Book Marshall Co., Kentucky

Date of Deed: 2 Mar 1844
Grantor: Amy Cooly, et al
Grantee: R. L. Ratcliff
No. of Acres: 2 quarter sections

Amy Cooly, widow & administratrix of Jonathan Cooley, dec'd
James H. Wilson & Geraldine Wilson, his wife late Cooley,
George Piles & his wife Rose Piles, late Cooley, William Cooley,
James Cooley, Danvers Cooley, Eliza Jane Cooley & Isabella
Cooley, children & heirs at law of said Decedent by E. H. Curd,

(Rose is spelled several different ways. Rosa, Rosella --)

(Danvers = David, Davis etc.)

Date of Deed: 30 June 1848
Grantor: Edward Jones
Grantee: Joseph Jones
No. of Acres: 80
Water Course: Soldier Creek

Date of Deed: 30 Oct 1848
Grantor: E. H. Curd, Commissioner in Chancery
Grantee: John G. Schroader
No. of Acres: 80
Water Course: Soldier Creek

Suit of John F. Harris et als Complainants vs. Anny Cooley
administratrix et als defendants for Jonathan Cooley dec'd.
James H. Wilson & wife late Cooley, George Piles & wife Rosa Piles,
William Cooley, James Cooley, Davis Cooley, Eliza Jane Cooley,
Isabella Cooley, heirs at Law of Decedent

This material came from Marshall Co., Kentucky Genealogical &
Historical Society

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