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Mary, this is what I have on the Matthews family:

Note that Mussendine has apparently since been proven to be of another
family. I've simply copied the group as I found it.

I like Tandy's marriage to a Hill. :) It's another of the Caroline county
/ Townsfork families. See my info about the Hills here:


> I have often found that by searching those with some type of connection
> that
> I end up getting information on the person I am really searching for.
> You or someone else mentioned that Sarah Matthews' had two supposed
> brothers
> in Stokes Co., NC. The Land deeds that include James Matthews & Tandy
> Matthews lead me to search for Tandy Matthews...which lead me to a history
> of Henry Co., VA. This book said that "Three brothers came from Wales,
> but
> Tandy Matthews was the only one that stopped near. He settled in North
> Carolina, near Germanton, born 1773, married Betsy Hill, and they reared
> the
> following children: Robert, William, James, Tandy, Caleb, Eliza, Patsy,
> and
> Calvin..." The son Calvin Matthews was the one with ties to Henry County,
> VA as he married Lucy Mullins, daughter of Henry Mullins of Henry County.
> Can you tell me the names of Sarah Matthews' brothers?
> Thank you,
> Mary
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> M'Donald,
> I think you're probably right, Mary. I've always wanted to make footnotes
> for those on the Spotswood lists that I've found info on. (I did just
> added a note for John Pedder.) In addition to Goode, Pedder, and McDonald,
> I've found info on Sale/Sail, Alley, Thorpe/Tharpe, Benjamin Head, and
> probably others.
> Trying to find links among these lists is fun. Nathaniel Gist's (of
> Townfork) brother, Christopher (and Daniel Boone and George Washington),
> fought at Braddock's defeat. Richard Goode is said to have also been
> there. I've found nothing to indicate that John Cooley might have been
> present. Apparently, the Virginia Regiment paid a high price in
> casualties.
> -Michael
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>> I am sure this would be the Alexander McDonald transported in 1753 on =
>> the Tryal with John Cooley. Alexander was sentenced in June & John in =
>> July of 1753. I also found it interesting that Alexander McDonald was
>> =
>> servant for a =E2=80=9CScotch=E2=80=9D peddler. =20
>> So far, I haven=E2=80=99t seen anything to indicate why John Cooley was
>> =
>> listed as =E2=80=9CCooley, Thomas (John)=E2=80=9D. I got a book =
>> yesterday that I had ordered on =E2=80=93 =E2=80=9CThe =
>> Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage 1614-1775=E2=80=9D. There is a =
>> John McCollie from Durham listed as Sentenced in Summer 1753. No ship =
>> is listed =E2=80=93 so maybe he wasn=E2=80=99t transported. =20
>> I am going to do more exploring on the Old Bailey website. I still am =
>> intrigued by the 1746 John Cooley. =20
>> Mary C.
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>> M'Donald,=20
>> My links to Old Bailey are broken. It seems I need to fix them about =
>> every
>> three years. I have these referenced referenced under "The case for =
>> being
>> English."
>> I had never looked for Alexander McDonald. This could be the same man =
>> who
>> was onboard The Tryal with John. John served in 1755 with a John =
>> McDonald,
>> said to have been the son of an Alexander McDonald transported to =
>> American
>> after the Battle of Culloden Moor.
>> I've looked at a list Jacobite prisoners. There were a lot of Alexander
>> McDonalds. Finding the right one might be impossible. But it's worth
>> pursuing. Our clan's Y chromosome is said to be very similar to the
>> McDonalds who descended from Somerled, although we don't have the right
>> marker to have been descended from Somerled himself.
>> It just occurs to me that we might check to see if the John McDonald =
>> with
>> Spotswood's company has tested Y-descendants. One possib
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