Cooley connection to Virginia

From: Mary Lou Cooley <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2012 22:31:42 -0700

I am almost sure that I sent this information to the list sometime in the
past...and I believe it must be in the Mildred Cooley Tallant letter that
Dennis Young scanned...but since I replaced my laptop a few months
ago.........I can't seem to find ANYTHING!!!


John Pierce Cooley wrote a letter to Mildred Tallant 12 Jan 1932 and
included a questionnaire that she had asked him to fill out and return to
her. This is what I wanted to share, written by John Pierce Cooley,
grandson of Joseph & Keziah (Casey) Cooley:

"There is another family of Cooley's living here, though so far as we know,
no relation. However, the original George Cooley, one of the first settlers
in Brownsville, came from Virginia, as did my grandfather. His son, William
Curren Cooley still lives here." (Oregon)

Mary Cooley
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