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I have often found that by searching those with some type of connection that
I end up getting information on the person I am really searching for.

You or someone else mentioned that Sarah Matthews' had two supposed brothers
in Stokes Co., NC. The Land deeds that include James Matthews & Tandy
Matthews lead me to search for Tandy Matthews...which lead me to a history
of Henry Co., VA. This book said that "Three brothers came from Wales, but
Tandy Matthews was the only one that stopped near. He settled in North
Carolina, near Germanton, born 1773, married Betsy Hill, and they reared the
following children: Robert, William, James, Tandy, Caleb, Eliza, Patsy, and
Calvin..." The son Calvin Matthews was the one with ties to Henry County,
VA as he married Lucy Mullins, daughter of Henry Mullins of Henry County.

Can you tell me the names of Sarah Matthews' brothers?

Thank you,

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I think you're probably right, Mary. I've always wanted to make footnotes
for those on the Spotswood lists that I've found info on. (I did just
added a note for John Pedder.) In addition to Goode, Pedder, and McDonald,
I've found info on Sale/Sail, Alley, Thorpe/Tharpe, Benjamin Head, and
probably others.

Trying to find links among these lists is fun. Nathaniel Gist's (of
Townfork) brother, Christopher (and Daniel Boone and George Washington),
fought at Braddock's defeat. Richard Goode is said to have also been
there. I've found nothing to indicate that John Cooley might have been
present. Apparently, the Virginia Regiment paid a high price in


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> I am sure this would be the Alexander McDonald transported in 1753 on =
> the Tryal with John Cooley. Alexander was sentenced in June & John in =
> July of 1753. I also found it interesting that Alexander McDonald was =
> servant for a =E2=80=9CScotch=E2=80=9D peddler. =20
> So far, I haven=E2=80=99t seen anything to indicate why John Cooley was =
> listed as =E2=80=9CCooley, Thomas (John)=E2=80=9D. I got a book =
> yesterday that I had ordered on =E2=80=93 =E2=80=9CThe =
> Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage 1614-1775=E2=80=9D. There is a =
> John McCollie from Durham listed as Sentenced in Summer 1753. No ship =
> is listed =E2=80=93 so maybe he wasn=E2=80=99t transported. =20
> I am going to do more exploring on the Old Bailey website. I still am =
> intrigued by the 1746 John Cooley. =20
> Mary C.
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> M'Donald,=20
> My links to Old Bailey are broken. It seems I need to fix them about =
> every
> three years. I have these referenced referenced under "The case for =
> being
> English."
> I had never looked for Alexander McDonald. This could be the same man =
> who
> was onboard The Tryal with John. John served in 1755 with a John =
> McDonald,
> said to have been the son of an Alexander McDonald transported to =
> American
> after the Battle of Culloden Moor.
> I've looked at a list Jacobite prisoners. There were a lot of Alexander
> McDonalds. Finding the right one might be impossible. But it's worth
> pursuing. Our clan's Y chromosome is said to be very similar to the
> McDonalds who descended from Somerled, although we don't have the right
> marker to have been descended from Somerled himself.
> It just occurs to me that we might check to see if the John McDonald =
> with
> Spotswood's company has tested Y-descendants. One possib

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