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Here's a question for you history buffs: Would an Ulsterman born in the
1720s or 30s
also consider himself an Englishman?


On 6/1/2012 10:36 PM, Mary Lou Cooley wrote:
> I found the following on! The names of John Cooley& Hannah
> Cooley really caught my eye.
> Quaker Records, Dublin, Abstracts of Wills
> Pages 74& 75
> No. 154 - Paine, Samuel, Cork Street, Dublin, brewer.
> "To wife Mary Paine (L - ?pound)10 and his bed furniture thereof and 'all
> her wearing apparel of what kind soever', also 10 pounds yearly out of
> property in Cork Street now in possession of Josiah Wilson, tanner, the
> reversion of all title and interest in this to go to son Henry Paine and his
> heirs; failing which to my son Samuel Paine.
> To my daughter Mary Haughton, wife of Joseph Haughton, title and interest
> in property in Cork Street held from Bernard Brown the reversion to her son
> Samuel Haughton, or if dead to any other eldest child failing which to her
> husband the said Joseph Haughton, or if dead to my son John Paine and then
> to my son Samuel Paine. To my daughter Hannah Cooley right and interest in
> house and property 'Scituate and being by the river near Dolphin's Barn',
> now in possession of Joseph Shaw, potter, the reversion to my said son Henry
> Paine and his heirs. To my two grandchildren John and James Barr 4 lbs
> apiece till reaching 21 years or dying, to be paid out of the holding in
> Dolphins Barn from John Faulkiner, the reversion to go to two other
> grandchildren Mary and Sarah daughters of Samuel Paine and then to my
> grandson John Cooley. My enclosed fields or park near Dolphins Barn, held
> from Jacob Poole, to my son Samuel Paine.
> My now building, brewhouse, malthouse etc. and also all vessels,
> utensils, etc. and stock of ale and drink to be sold at the best profit (the
> house being let till then if necessary for any term not exceeding 61 years).
> All household goods and effects to be sold and following legacies paid: My
> son Samuel Paine 20 pounds. My son John Paine 40 pounds. My son Henry
> Paine 100 pounds. My daughter Mary Haughton 20 pounds. My daughter Hannah
> Cooley 40 pounds. Residue also to said children. Executors my kinsman John
> Peerey of Naas, Kildare, malster, Jonathan Fletcher of Meath Street,
> cordwainer, and Robert Clibborn, of Meath Street, merchant.
> Dated 24 May 1732. Proved 7 July 1732.
> Witnesses: John Peile, Henry Horne, John Stoddart.
> D.5.70
> Source: Quaker Records, Dublin, Abstracts of Wills
> Edited by:
> P. Beryl Eustace and Olive C. Goodbody
> Clearfield Company
> Mary Cooley
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