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I wish the DNA evidence could tell us where he belonged. But something may
come up. The one descendant of Joseph's who has tested, Mary's Mike, has a
DNA value at DYS-391:

The question is when did that marker come into play? Certainly, John did
not have it. Was it introduced by Joseph or a later descendant in the line
to Mike? The really neat thing would be that Joseph introduced it and all
of his male descendants carry it. But we're along way for making any such

The descendant of the Jack county James, Lee, has a couple of unique
markers, as I do. The only two testers who match clear down the line are
Jim and Scott, the descendant of William M Cooley. But there are just not
enough testers yet to know what that all means.

I'm hoping my talk in DC will stimulate some additional interest about this.


> Thanks, Micahel. Thanks for keeping us straight on which ones are ours
> and
> which ones may not be. Just amazing how many Cooley families were already
> here in the 1700s and not all connected. Isn't there a possibility some
> of
> the Cooley's were on the prison ships from Ireland or Scotland? Again,
> they
> may be taken to England before they were shipped to America? What an
> interesting group of people!! Such courage to come to Mo in 1811 when
> they
> had to live in forts to survive.
> I may be coming to your point of view on James Cooley that married Jane
> White. There is every possibility he could be the son of Joseph. I'm
> still
> looking for confirmation but it is a strong possibility and Dale Walker
> might have gotten it wrong. Need some proof one way or the other. They
> were all living in the Fort together for the first period so these
> families
> really intermarried.
> Jane
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>> Yes, they were involved in horse racing. See my email earlier this week
>> regarding James Cooley. The articles regarding Tink in Cooley Cousins
>> talks about his involvement with horses. James's grandson, William
>> Washington Cooley, was bonded out to horse work as a child. I believe
>> I've
>> read that there were indications that his father, Isaac, was also
>> involved, but I'm not now finding my notes. These are my notes for
>> William:
>> No connection has been found between the Stokes and Franklin county
>> Cooleys. I have a lead on a patrilineal descendant of the Franklin clan
>> for DNA purposes but have had no response to the suggestion. This is
>> what
>> I have for them:
>> Again, here are the lines I'm tracking. Those with a red star have
>> DNA-tested:
>> The link to the every name index at the bottom is sometimes useful.
>> Every now and them I find something broken on the webpages. Let me know
>> should anyone find anything.
>> -Michael
>>> Wonder if the Cooley's were involved in the early horse racing. My
>>> Grandfather Gipson in his autobiography talks about how popular it was
>>> in
>>> the Macon County, Mo area in the 1800s.
>>> Is this John Cooley, one and the same in both Franklin and Stokes Co.,
>>> NC
>>> in 1790? Looking at the NC map, these counties were miles apart, not
>>> near
>>> each other currently unless some name changes occurred.
>>> Jane
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