Re: 1790 census and horse racing in Ky

From: Michael Cooley <>
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2012 12:33:25 -0700

Yes, they were involved in horse racing. See my email earlier this week
regarding James Cooley. The articles regarding Tink in Cooley Cousins
talks about his involvement with horses. James's grandson, William
Washington Cooley, was bonded out to horse work as a child. I believe I've
read that there were indications that his father, Isaac, was also
involved, but I'm not now finding my notes. These are my notes for

No connection has been found between the Stokes and Franklin county
Cooleys. I have a lead on a patrilineal descendant of the Franklin clan
for DNA purposes but have had no response to the suggestion. This is what
I have for them:

Again, here are the lines I'm tracking. Those with a red star have

The link to the every name index at the bottom is sometimes useful.

Every now and them I find something broken on the webpages. Let me know
should anyone find anything.


> Wonder if the Cooley's were involved in the early horse racing. My GGGGG
> Grandfather Gipson in his autobiography talks about how popular it was in
> the Macon County, Mo area in the 1800s.
> Is this John Cooley, one and the same in both Franklin and Stokes Co., NC
> in 1790? Looking at the NC map, these counties were miles apart, not near
> each other currently unless some name changes occurred.
> Jane
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