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That's great news Gloria! Did you go through ftdna? I find that it
generally takes about 6 weeks to get results. Keep us posted!


> That's great Michael.  Yes, I have some news.  I'm doing the DNA testing
> for the female Cooley line.  I'm a 5th generation decendent of Elizabeth
> Cooley.  I just received my test, so I'll be getting it back into the mail
> next week.  I am hoping this will help give some insight into this little
> mystery we've had with her. 
> Gloria
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> Thought I'd forward this on. These Cooleys are descendants of John's son
> Joseph and grandson (through James) Cornelius.
> Some other news: I've been asked to speak at the Cooley Family Association
> of America (CFAA) reunion in July at DC. Perhaps some of you can make it.
> It would be great to meet you. And I've started a genealogy club at
> Humboldt State University. Among other things, I'm hoping the club can
> encourage the HSU library to acquire resources. (There's next to nothing
> up here!)
> So, does anyone else have any news?
> -Michael
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> Subject: 2012 Officer-Cooley Family Reunion
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> Hi Cousins:
> Please find attached the announcement for the 2012 Officer-Cooley Family
> Association Reunion.  We are very fortunate to have an excellent facility
> lined up this year very near the area where our ancestors settled when
> they got to Oregon in 1845.  You'll note also that the program is a
> little more complex than past years so I suggest you print and save a copy
> or file one electronically where you can read it again near the time of
> the event.  We'll also be sending out reminder notices as we get near the
> Reunion.  The big date is Saturday July 7 at Champoeg Park just off I-5 in
> the northern Willamette Valley.  But there is also a social event and BBQ
> the night before for those who can make it.  Although RSVP's are not
> mandatory for either event, having them will help us plan for the expected
> number of cousins who will show up.  Details are in the Announcement.
> Keep in mind that some cousins do not have email so please make an effort
> to let them know the particulars by other means.
> Memorabilia is always welcome at our Reunions so bring what you can.
> Sometimes it amazing what will turn up.
> You will note the 10 historic pictures that are incorporated in the
> announcement.  All but one of them show relatives in our common lineage.
> Most but not all of the people shown were on the 1845 wagon train that got
> lost following Stephen Meek across eastern and central Oregon.  One
> actually came out to Oregon in 1843.  See how many you can put names on
> and we'll let you know how close you came at the Reunion.
> We are really looking forward to a great Reunion this year.  So please
> make an extra effort to show up and enjoy your extended family as well as
> learn something about our common heritage.
> Mike and Bud
> Co-Chairs
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