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I was just brushing up on my Caroline County, VA history and something
caught my eye:

"During the Colonial Period, Caroline County was the birthplace of
Thoroughbred horse racing in North America. Arabian horses were imported
from England to provide the basis for American breeding stock."

Most of you may have already been aware of that nugget, and it may be
too broad to be more than a coincidence, but it struck me as a bit
curious, with James (and perhaps other Cooley descendants) involved with
the horse trade. Maybe there are more clues to be found in that realm?

With growing references to probable English origins for John, have there
been or are there any plans for a search for potential
ancestors/descendants? I know the Cooley Family Association of America
has not had much luck finding willing DNA test participants in England
in the past, but perhaps there are other locations, say, anywhere north
of Tring, that might be worth a shot? Is it possible to map
concentrations of R1a1 in England or Scotland, realizing that we're
already dealing with a rare haplogroup to begin with, on top of an
Orwellian nightmare involving a q-tip and a test tube?

Finally, keeping in mind that John's own progeny spanned over a 24-year
period, is it way too far out John Denver-style to entertain the idea
that William Matthews Cooley (c.1759) and John Cooley (c. 1740)


P.S. As if you didn't already have enough to read, you might also find
this of interest:
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