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Sandra Stanton sandystanton at prodigy.net
Sat Oct 20 16:37:53 PDT 2007

Here it is again and hopefully I will be able to

 think that I may have Zeddie and Zollie confused and
some of the information I gave belongs to Zollie
Cooley --Zeddie's brother.

Zeddie Cooley died in Macon County on 20 Feb 1931 of
influenza. His wife was Mary Haney. Zeddie was born 18
Feb 1893 as both the death certificate and WWI stated.

Let me explain:
Back in 2000 a man in St. Joseph, MO contacted me
saying his wife was related to Zeddie C. Cooley and
did I have any Cooley information as his wife did not
have any Cooley knowledge as her father and mother
divorced when she was 3. She never had contact with
her father until she was married and they were able to
locate him living with his mother. [no date was given
nor name of her father] He stated that Zeddie was
killed when he touched a high voltage line while on
the job.

Now here is what I believe is correct.

Zollie E. Cooley is the one that married Stacy Black
and had a son Charles Cooley.  Charles Cooley and wife
had a daughter named Donna [ wife of the man who
contacted me]

The 1930 census for Emmet County, Ia list Z.E. Cooley
and not the full name. However the age was given as 37
making him born in 1893. Zollie was born in 1890 [both
death cert. and WWI registration] My thought was that
the E. was wrong when it really was the age of 37. 

Now I plan on removing from the attachment that I sent
and resend it with what is probably the correct

However, my sending the Macon mail list got a responds
which made me recheck my documents -- should have
pulled the copies of the death certificates that I

Sorry for the mix-up.

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