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Sandra Stanton sandystanton at prodigy.net
Sun Sep 30 12:41:07 PDT 2007

Thank you to all who responded to my earlier post-- I
think we all agree that Joseph Cooley is the brother
of James and they are the sons of John Cooley from
Stokes County, NC.

I found the following Cooleys' deaths in the book --

Death Records From Missouri Newspapers: The Civil War
Years, January 1861 - December 1865. Compiled by Lois
Stanley, George F. Wilson and Maryhelen Wilson. March

Cooley, __, a young man, killed in Macon Co. by Judge
Easley. The young man and his mother had been to
consult Easley some time before; Cooley took exception
to the Judge's advice and shot his horse. The Judge
thought he was going to shoot a second time, as he was
holding a revolver, so shot him. (Apparently this took
place at the Cooley home.)
WARS 15 Dec 1865
I neglected to write down what newspaper the WARS
referred to, but will look this up when I go to SLC in

Does any know who this Cooley is?  Through the years I
haven't found a young male Cooley from Macon missing
on the 1870 census. I would appreciate if someone has
an idea.
Cooley, Edward "one of the oldest and most respected
police" at his home on Chestnut betw 14-14, of
MORE 2 Oct 1865 (I believe that to be the Missouri
Republican newspaper)

Cooley, M.C., citizen of Chariton Co., 22 Dec of
pneumonia. (Undertaker's list)
MORE 28 Dec 1864
It sure would be nice if they gave a city or county
for Edward Cooley.  Probably not one of our Cooleys.

Also, haven't any idea who M.C. Cooley is or if male
or female.  Anyone have an idea?


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