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Sat Sep 29 11:30:08 PDT 2007

Regarding whether the Joseph Cooley listed as being from Howard County is the same as our Joseph Cooley from Clay County:  County names were a little more fluid back then, too -- Clay County
once was part of Howard County (as were many other Missouri counties.)
Howard County formed in 1816 from St. Louis and St. Charles County.
Clay was created in 1822 from Ray County lands (both Clay and Ray once had been part of Howard County.

Time frame doesn't
explain the difference (if Joseph did indeed die after 1822 but before
1826 when estate was probated.) Just from reading the inventory, I'm
pretty sure he did live and die in Clay County .... but my guess is
this is the one and same Joseph Cooley, too .... just a confusion of
place names. Keziah signs the inventory and estate sale with a mark, for
whatever knowledge that's worth.

Still working on transcribing the estate inventory -- will try to get it to
 Michael to post by Sunday.

-- Kate

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