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Does anyone have the proof that Thomas K W Cooley was the son of John Cooley
(1793-1844) and Elizabeth White?


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Hi Daryll,

I've seen the book online at NewEnglandAncestors.org but it looks like it now
requires membership in order to view it. I acquired it once 20 years ago via
Inter Library Loan. A lot of genealogy libraries have a copy.

I'll forward this on to the John Cooley mailing list but I'd recommend you
sign up for it yourself: list.johncooley.net -- or I can do it for you. In any
case, I'll let you know what I find out.


On Sun, 6 May 2007 14:48:27 -0500, Daryll Cooley wrote
> Michael,
> I'm stuck, I can't seem to connect, with any vital records, Thomas 
> Kirkland White Cooley to his "father" John Cooley (10/8/1793-c1844). 
> Any help would be appreciated. Also, I'm hearing about the book 
> below - Where can I get it?
> The Cooley Genealogy by Mortimer Elwyn Cooley
> Thanks-
> Daryll

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