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Hi Mary,

I'm copying this to the list as others may find it of interest.

Quite a bit about the James Cooley of Charles City County VA can be found on
the Net. There's not much about the James of Madison County KY. I have seen
portions of his pension record transcribed online but the whole file is 7
pages long. The last page is a 1931 typewritten letter from the National
Archives to Mrs J Frank Thompson of Columbia MO. The following is interesting
as it places him very near to my John Cooley during the war:

"...was taken prisoner near the Moravian Town in Surry County [NC], by
Tarleton's Light Horse, and was liberated after the surrender of Cornwallis at

It would be interesting to learn more about the campaign in Surry County.
Certainly, John Cooley and his family would have overheard first-hand accounts
of any skirmishes that would have occurred.

The whole file is worth transcribing.

And thanks for the information about William. I'd never read anything about
him. But there doesn't seem to be much of anything to connect the two men
together other than their mutual residence of Madison County. Their presence
there may well have been nothing more than coincidence.

Thanks again.

On Thu, 19 Apr 2007 21:25:51 -0700, Mary Cooley wrote
> Michael,
> To answer your last question - I haven't seen a transcription of a pension
> file for James Cooley.  I copied this from "Genealogical Abstracts of
> Revolutionary War Pension Files, Volume I: A-E, abstracted by Virgil 
> D. White:
> "COOLEY, James, S30961, NC & SC Line, sol was b. 19 Oct 1760 in VA & 
> lived in Craven Cty, SC at enl in May 1776 & lived in Surry Cty, NC 
> at enl in Aug 1776 & later moved to Montgomery Cty, VA for 7 years 
> then moved to Madison Cty, KY & appl there 13 Aug 1832"
> "COOLEY, James or James Coley, S3188, NC Line, appl 23 Oct 1832 Humphreys
> Cty, TN where he had lived 26 years, sol was b 16 Apr 1758 at 
> Charles City, Cty, VA & had enl in Halifax Cty, NC & sol moved from 
> Halifax Cty, NC to Montgomery Cty, TN for 12 years then to Humphreys 
> Cty, TN"
> "COOLEY, William, Nancy, W6744, BLW #26376-160-55, NY Line, sol appl 
> 30 Jul 1832 Butler Cty OH aged 76 a res of Milford OH, sol was b 3 
> Mar 1756 at Goshen NY & a John Sunderland & Henry Taylor were witts 
> to his aff'dt, wid appl 25 Feb 1851 Butler Cty OH aged 77 & she was 
> b 22 Dec 1773, sol m Nancy Jones on 8 Jan 1793 at the home of 
> William Hopkins in Madison Cty KY & sol lived at Downey's Fort in 
> Madison Cty KY when they m & she lived 4 miles from John Logan's 
> Fort, sol d 11 Aug 1837 near Darr Town in Butler Cty OH, wid appl 
> for BLW 25 Apr 1855 Butler Cty OH aged 82".
> Mary
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> Hi Mary,
> Thanks for the offer. I'll need to think over the data some more. My
> interest is, of course, limited since I'm pretty confident that John 
> wasn't of that line. But I'd sure like to straighten out the 18th 
> century Virginia Cooleys. I've long planned to write short articles 
> about the Halifax county NC Cooleys, the Charles City Co VA Cooleys 
> and see what -true- info there is for the -real- John Cooley and 
> Elizabeth Firmin. Once I get some of that sketched out I may have 
> some questions about the book.
> Well, as I write this, two things do come to mind. In the 1832 
> letter, Lura mentions Cooleys for Bland county Virginia. Anything 
> specific to them in the book? Also, are the Cooleys in this article 
> mentioned in it? If so, I'd think the name Passmore would be found 
> in the index.
> http://www.ancestraldata.com/ahnentafel/256/elizabethfirmin.html
> Do you know if there is a transcribed copy of the pension records 
> for James Cooley of Madison County KY? I've read from the filmed 
> copy at HQ.
> Thanks, 
> Michael


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