[List] Howard County, MO - Marriages of Cooleys' in Fayette from 1816-1843, letter to Mildred Tallant from Clay County Recorder of Deeds

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(This may be old information but this is from papers that belonged to
Mildred (Cooley) Tallant.)


Howard County, MO - Marriages of Cooleys' in Fayette from 1816-1843


John Cooley - Elizabeth White - June 10, 1816

Wm. Green - Elenoer Cooley - Oct. 3, 1816

Thomas White - Jemima Cooley - Jan 10, 1818

William Cunningham - Tempey Cooley - June 28, 1819

William Wilson - Hannah Cooley - July 23, 1823

John Smart - Polly Cooley - June 19, 1826 (Mildred has written "possibly a
bro-in-law of our James Cooley)

Isaac Cooley - Elizabeth Monroe - Jan. 20, 1827

Elias Cooley - Mahalay Lane - Dec. 12, 1828

John Elliot - Ann Cooley - Sept. 27, 1829

John Cooley - Elizabeth Locke - July 2, 1832

William Cooley - Elizabeth (Jane added by Mildred) Fields - June 20, 1840
(Mildred wrote "son of John & Eliz. White above -             father of Jos
T. O Excello, MO")

Benjamin Cooley - Elizabeth Cooley - March 4, 1843


"Data from Fayette, Mo from Mrs Edith Dougherty, Rec."


"There are numerous land transfers also on record in case I want them."



Letter to Mildred:


Office of Recorder of Deeds for Clay County; Nicholas Mosby, Recorder

Liberty, Missouri

June 16, 1932


Mrs. Edward C. Tallant,

Santa Barbara, California


Dear Madam:

            In reply to your letter regarding the history of the Cooley
family, I will say that our records extend from the year of 1822, and I have
looked from that time to 1864 and the following are the only records which I
find during that period of anyone by the name of Cooley:


Christopher Cooley and Nancy Officer - 9-30-1834

            Harrison Cooley and Nancy Been - 1-22-1839

            Joel Smith and Dorothy Cooley - 2-12-1843


            We have a family of Cooleys in our county, and I would suggest
that you write Mrs. Charles E. Bigham, North Kansas City, Missouri, R.F.D.,
in regard to the family history, as I happen to know that she was formerly a

            As for old histories of Clay County, I am sure that Edgar
Archer, Liberty, Missouri, will be glad to give any information which he can
in regard to your family.  He has a number of old Clay County histories in
his possession, and is interested in such things, and I am sure would be
glad to answer any questions you might ask him.

                        Very truly yours, /s/ Nicholas Mosby, Recorder


P.S. I am returning herewith your dollar bill, as I will make no charge for
this service."



Mildred did write to both persons suggested - also a note of thanks.)


Mary Cooley





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