[List] Letter written by John Pierce Cooley, 1932

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This is a letter written to Mildred (Cooley) Tallant by my husband's
great-grandfather, John Pierce Cooley.  I have a photocopy of the original
letter which is in the possession of Dennis Young.


Letter as written:

"Jan 12 - 1932

My Dear Mrs. Tallant

Santa Barbara, Cal

Yours of the 5th Inst at hand and contents noted but must say I am unable to
enlighten you atall for I know but little of my ancestors.  My Grandfather
Joseph was Born and raised in Virginia and died in Missouri having moved to
the latter State when a young man.  There he raised a family of five boys
and one girl, Evaline.  Three of the boys: E.C., C.C. and my Father Jackson
Cooley came to Oregon in 1845 locating in Marion County this State.  I was
born 1852 and raised in Marion Co. but have lived in this Linn Co. since
1879.  My Father was born in Missouri in 1816, died in Oregon in 1884.
Aside from his brothers who came to Oregon with him I know nothing of my own
kin so you will see that as for ancestors I am near a blank.

With best wishes for you and yours, I am yours, J.P.Cooley

John Pierce Cooley"


We believe Joseph Cooley (c1767-1826) to be one of the sons of the John
Cooley that this list is all about.


Mary Cooley



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