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Yes, I'm excited as well! Perhaps one day we'll have descendants of each of
John's sons tested.

A bit of an update on some of things we've been working on. As many of you
know, Sandy Stanton recently went to the Family History Library in SLC. I've
uploaded some of the stuff she has found to the web and I have more of it in
varying degrees of preparation to be uploaded.

Don Cooley is always investigating the genetic angle but has recently done a
lot on the surname itself. I can't really speak for him but to -very briefly-
summarize (correctly, I hope), there are essentially two routes to go with.
First, the name could be of Scottish/Irish origin, such as MacColl or MacAulay
(and variations). Our Y chromosome strongly hints at a Scottish origin but the
blood does not rule out English roots. Nor does the name. Don has learned that
it is, in fact, overwhelmingly English. Although Cooley is "famously" Irish
there have never been very many of that name in Ireland. Historically, more
than 90% of Cooleys were in England. To me, this fact dovetails nicely with
the obvious English origins of the early American colonial Cooleys. (See the
table at johncooley.net). Additionally, perhaps the best etymological
explanation of the English variant of name is coo (cow) and ley (field), in
other words, "cow pasture". Don has also pointed out that a breed of Scottish
highland cattle is called "Hairy Coo". However, Don would be the first to
stress that we do not, in fact, know where John (or his forebears) were born.
The combination of genetic and historical signs point to northern England but
ol' John Cooley could end up surprising us.

For some months now, I've contended that John may have come to NC from
Caroline county VA. The essential clue is his presence along with Richard
Goode on the 1755 payroll of the Virginia Regiment. But it's known that not
only Richard Goode (also later of Townfork Settlement NC) was from Caroline
but so was John Cooley's son-in-law, William Blackburn. Other Townfork people
who we find intermarried with the Goodes and Cooleys also came from Caroline
county--for instance, Edward Cooley's mother-in-law, Martha (Ham) Raper. In
hopes of finding out more, I've hired a researcher to go through the Caroline
County Order Books, just about the only surviving record of colonial Caroline.
So far, he has only extracted the Ham, Cooley and Goode names from the indexes
but will soon be working on getting the original entries. Unfortunately, the
only Cooley he found was a William Colley in 
Order Book 1767-1770. That does not mean, of course, that John wasn't there
but it does mean that he is going to continue to be elusive to us.
Nevertheless, there may be clues to emerge.


On Sat, 7 Apr 2007 09:36:16 -0700, Cooley wrote
> Hi Mary,
> I'm very excited that another Cooley man (besides Michael & me)
>  plans to get their Y-DNA tested, especially since we all descend 
> from different brothers of our GGGG-GF John Cooley.
> Anyway, your husband should get tested at Family Tree DNA (link:
> http://www.familytreedna.com/ ). If he gets tested as part of the Cooley
> Surname Project he'll get a huge savings. Go to the link is
> to
> get prices and order the Y-DNA test. You have a choice of a 12 
> marker test, 25 marker test, 37 marker test and a 67 marker tests. 
> The more markers the more information it provides, but also the more 
> it costs.  The test is fast, simple & painless. One takes a Q-tip 
> and swabs their cheek for a couple of minutes then sends it in the 
> envelope they provide back to Family Tree DNA.
> If you (or anyone else) have any more questions about DNA testing, 
> feel free to contact me at cool.hg.r1a at gmail.com .
> Best Wishes,
> Don
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> >  Could someone please forward to me the link for yDNA testing?  My husband
> > has consented to being tested!
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