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Sandra Stanton sandystanton at prodigy.net
Wed Mar 7 09:53:40 PST 2007

 Here is more information on the proposed fees to
order records from NARA.
 NARA Proposes a Copy Fee
A notification to all U.S. genealogists. Two rules
published in the Federal Register on Monday, 26
February 2007, relate to fees for reproductions of
records at the U.S. National Archives and Records 
Administration (NARA). In the case of Civil War
pension applications, the proposal is for a 338%
Here is the list of proposed increases:
Type of record, Order form, Proposed Fee
Passenger Arrival Lists, NATF Form 81, $25.00 
Federal Census Requests, NATF Form 82, $25.00 
Eastern Cherokee Applications to the Court of
Claims, NATF Form 83,  $25.00
Land Entry Records, NATF Form 84, $40.00
Full Pension File More Than 75 Years Old (Civil War
Period), NATF Form 85 , $125.00 (a 338% increase from
the present fee of $37.00!)
Full Pension File More Than 75 Years Old (Non-Civil
War), NATF Form 85, $60.00
Pension Documents Packet (Selected Records), NATF Form
85, $25.00
Bounty Land Warrant Application Files, NATF Form 85,
Military Service Files More Than 75 Years Old, NATF
Form 86, $25.00
Both rules are open for public comment until 27
April 2007. 
There's much more information available in the
Federal Register.
The link to the proposed rule, with instructions for
commenting is:

The link to the interim final rule is:




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