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This is simply a hypothesis. Here is my rational for placing James as a
son of Edward Cooley (I've also included his movements)
On the 1850 census of Appanoose Co., IA, Edward Cooley has a son
Armstrong, b. ca 1830, IN
James A. Cooley m. Elmira Mooreland, 13 Jan 1855, Appanoose Co., IA (FHL
On the 1860 census Appanoose Co., IA a James Cooley (b c1831, IN) &
Elmira plus daughters Elizabeth & Sarah are living next to A. W. Cooley
(b. c1828, IN), who I have speculated was Aaron W Cooley and the oldest
son of Edward
History of Appanoose Co., IA (Western Hist. Co., 1878), p414: 36th
Infantry, Co I: Jas A Cooley, enl. 11 Oct 1862
James A Cooly m Mary A Tyler, 22 April 1866, Putnam Co., MO (from FHL
#431,521, Broderbund Family Archive CD 234)
On the 1870 census Putnam Co., MO, James Cooley has a new wife May,
daughters Elizabeth (15) & Sarah J (12) then a Charles (3) & Louis A (1).
Living in the household is Thomas Cooley, 19, b. IA (perhaps his brother
& a son of Edward Cooley; see 1860 census Appanoose Co., IA)
In 1880 J A Cooley (b c1830, IN) is a miller in Madison Co., MO; par.
both b IN, which does not agree with what is known about Edward, but
census records are not too reliable; wife May & son C E (10, b MO) &
George (8, b MO)

On Fri, 2 Mar 2007 23:42:12 -0800 michael at newsummer.com writes:
> Hi Shirley,
> Thanks. I think this is precisely what I was looking for:
> --quote--
> Armstrong Cooley in the household of Edward at Caldwell is probably 
> James
> Armstrong Cooley who m. Elmira Moreland
> --enquote--
> That could very well be the parents of Charles Edward Cooley, the 
> grandfather
> of Charles Cooley now living in Italy. Do you have additional 
> information that
> he is the Armstrong, son of Edward? My theory that James's father 
> was Thomas
> was not panning out. This makes perfect sense.
> This would be an appropriate time to tell everyone about some 
> additional
> functionality at the John Cooley website, particularly the "Y" page. 
> Every
> name on the list is now a link to notes:
> http://www.ancestraldata.com/ahnentafel/256/y-desc.html . An index 
> to current
> notes is at http://johncooley.net/Notes/summary.cgi . If any of you 
> would like
> to add notes, just ask me for an account.
> -Michael
> On Thu, 1 Mar 2007 22:40:27 -0500, Shirley Wilcox wrote
> > For what it is worth, here are some speculations about people on 
> the 
> > 1850 census of IA. Please feel free to add other comments if I am 
> > off base, or if you have proof that I am right. Thomas Cooly at 
> > Union, Davis Co., IA - he may be the man 1820-1840 at Washington 
> Co.,
> >  IN Aaron W. Cooly at Shoal, Appanoose Co., IA - he may be the 
> > oldest son of Edward Cooley also in Appanoose Co. Edward has 3 
> sons 
> > in the 1840 census. Edward Cooley of Caldwell, Appanoose Co., IA - 
> > son of Edward & Martha Roper. See Edward's Washington Co., IN will 
> > Armstrong Cooley in the household of Edward at Caldwell is 
> probably James
> > Armstrong Cooley who m. Elmira Moreland
> > Lewis Cooley of Danville, Des Moines Co., IA- son of Thomas & 
> Martha 
> > of Davis Co. See Appanoose Co. Deeds C:313, 347 John Cooley, son 
> of 
> > John & Annis of Flint River, Des Moines Co., m. Sophia Caroline 
> > Lane. His children included a son Felix and a daughter Annis Felix 
> > Cooley of Wapello Co., IA - probably a son of John Cooley & Annis 
> > Hardin. He was "of Des. Moines Co." when he m. in 1843. The only 
> Cooley
> > there at the time was John Cooley. His assumed brother John 
> probably
> > named a child after him.
> > Shirley Wilcox
> --
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