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I'll look at census records tonight to see what I can find....

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Hi Charles,

Thanks for contacting me! The connection certainly looks promising but I'm not
finding yet where your line might intersect with mine. I'll do some research
tonight and see what I can find.

My David Cooley went to Putnam from Washington County, IN. Two of his brothers
 later went to Appanoose County, IA which is very near. There's not much known
about their descendants. David's father stayed in Indiana, dying in
Bartholomew County in 1866. Do you know what county James A Cooley came from?


On Thu, 15 Feb 2007 12:19:56 -0800 (PST), Charles Cooley via Web Mail wrote
> Mr. Cooley,
> I ran across your Ahnentafel on the web and found that we might be 
> related??? My family lived in Putnam/Adair for all my life.  We had 
> a farm near off Rt. O, near Worthington.  Lucerne is just down the 
> road.  My grandfather was Charles Edward Cooley B. 1867 in Putnam, 
> yes that's right he was in his about 66 yrs old when my father was 
> born.  His wife was in her mid 40's.  James A. Cooley was his name.  
> Dad left me alot of pix from the family dating back to Indiana/Ky. 
> reproduct from old tin/glass plates.  One picture show two brothers 
> beside a Ox pulling a hay wagon with a colored young man on one of 
> the Ox of the team.  My grandfather was the one who pave the US 136 
> from Unionville to Lancaster with an old stearm tractor.  He also 
> serviced in the Navy in the Spanish-American War as a young man. 
>  Most of the history I got oral from my grandmother and father.  
> Grandpa Charlie died in 1942.  I could write more but wanted to know 
> if we are related, First?  I live in Italy now and bit time 
> difference so find it difficult to communicate.  My grandmother may 
> me the historian of the family since age 5 until her death when I 
> was 13yrs old.  Sorry, If I can help in anyway, I will share what I 
> know and in about a year can get you copies of the family.  Thanks, Ciao

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