[List] Reuben Cooley descendants

michael@newsummer.com michael at newsummer.com
Mon Jan 8 20:53:32 PST 2007

Here's what I have so far...all males since I'm looking for the Y chromosome.
Of course, not everyone listed here as "LIVING" is:


Reuben Cooley (1779-1850+) m1 Mary Harris? m2 Elizabeth Followell
  George W Cooley (1804-1880+)  m1 Judy Deering m2 Catherine
    Reuben Cooley (1831-1914) Mary Kay Followell
      William Hardin Cooley (1870-1938) m Martha Ellen Crews
        William Goebel Bryan Cooley (1899-1959)
        LIVING Cooley
          LIVING Cooley
      Florence "Dan" Hopkins Cooley (1879-1956) m Nettie Jane Wells
      James Joe Cooley (1880-1962) m Cordelia Roller
        Robinson Taylor Cooley (1908-1962) m LIVING Shepperson
        LIVING Cooley m Irene Lee Willard
          LIVING Cooley m White
      Cleveland Cooley (1885-1961) m Sarah Catherine Hasty
        James Reuben Cooley (1920-1945)
        Cleveland Cooley Jr (1925-1964)
    William Cooley (1835-1879) m Amanda Carpenter
      John Cooley (1857-) m Betty Jane Whitehouse
      Robert Cooley (1862-)
      William Cooley (1863-) m Nancy Crews
      George Cooley (1865-)
      James Cooley (1871-) m Louise Monroe
      Louis Cooley (1873-) m Mable
      Thomas Henry Cooley (1877-1946) m1 Mary Ella Campbell m2 Ida Ella Cooley
        Frank Cooley (1906-1966) m Delitha Campbell
        Clem Wilson Cooley (1910-1999 KY)
        Thomas Henry Cooley Jr (1938-1996 KY) m Linda Morgeson
    Joseph Cooley (1840-) m1 Nancy Frances Followell m2 Katherine Lane Berry
      Reuben Cooley (1862-) m Sarah Jane Crews
      Robert Cooley (1868-) m Julia Ellen Brown
        James Cooley (1897-)
      Hardin C Cooley (1872-) m Nancy Perry Crews
      John Cooley (1874-) m Lennie Shepperson
    James Thomas Cooley (1847-) m Elizabeth Whitehouse
      Lloyd Cooley (c1879-)
    Eli Cooley (1848-)
    John Cooley (1854-)
    Andrew Jackson Cooley (1857-) m Lottie Hair
      John Clark Cooley (1899-1963) m Ruth Mae Jones
        John C Cooley (1924-1975) m Alma Mae Dougherty
  Stephen L Cooley (1843-1918) m Lucinda Wilson Crews
    Samuel Merritt Cooley (1870-1956) m Rena Sinkhorn
    Oscar Cooley (1874-)
    Raymond Cooley (1875-) m Suzie Whitehouse
    Leonard Cooley (1883-1914)
    Clark Cooley
  Cornelius Cooley (1844-) m Mary Minor
    James Cooley (1870-)


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