[List] Gray's land south of Gravel Switch

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This is the Bird Lawless who bought land from John Gray, next to William
"Copley", in 1804. If that is William Cooley we should then say with some
confidence that he was closely located to Reuben Cooley. The Rubin Cooley
Branch is located off Hwy 337. According to other stuff I've seen on the net
today, Bird Lawless was born in Halifax county VA. I believe I made a note
while in the Santa Clara library the other day about a James Cooley in Halifax
county VA. I'll check when I get home.




Re: Bird Lawless, Washington County, early 1800's
Author: Eula Ray Kirkland Date: 28 Feb 2002 1:02 AM GMT
In Reply to: Bird Lawless, Washington County, early 1800's by: Elizabeth Stuerke
I have heard the name Lawless many times in working with the differnt families
in Eastern Marion Co. One of his daughters Sarah "Sallie" married Elisha A.
Sr. Isaac. Bird married Susan Thomas in Va. I have heard that Bird owned the
land where my home is. I thought I verified this in the Washinton Co.
Courthouse. This land is located South of Gravel Switch about 1 1/2 miles on
Hwy. 337.Dicey Lawless married David Isaac a brother of Elisha in Howard Co.
Mo.Another brother John Jr. M. Mary Lawless 27 Mar. 1820. They lived in Gravel



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