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Shirley Wilcox slwilcox at juno.com
Thu Dec 14 13:35:00 PST 2006

I have not actively worked on my Cooley family in quite some time, so
most of my material is old, and I haven't done any non census web
searches for Cooley. I was simply combing my records to see what might
shed light on the situation and be helpful to someone else. I am glad to
know that there is other information on these families and that some of
the Cooley's can be attached to the New England family. Each bit of
information allows us to get a better picture of these families and it
also allows us to rule out some possibilities. Not only did groups of
people migrate together, when new territories opened up, they were a
magnet for people from a number of areas, some of whom may have had the
same surname.


On Wed, 13 Dec 2006 22:14:27 -0800 michael at newsummer.com writes:
> Hi Shirley,
> You've probably already seen this post on Walden-L. I -believe- (but 
> haven't looked close enough to feel confident about it) these Cooleys 
> are of the MA Cooleys. Geneteic tests on descendants of the
> Springfield Cooleys are quite different from the results that Don and I
> --quote--
> From: "dmd" <dmd at access-one.com>
> Subject: Re: [WALDEN-L] Re: Ebenezer Walden
> Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 01:00:51 -0600
> I have a copy of the Jabez Cooley last will and testament from 
> Hamilton > County Ohio. While handwritten, it is very clear that the
>  name is Jabez. He names no wife. He names sons, Ebenezer, 
> Thaddeus, and William. He  names daughters, Margaret Brinton,
>  Martha Davis, and Hannah Walden. He names grandson, John
>  Brinton, James Brinton, Thomas Brinton and Samuel Brinton,
> who are sons of Margaret Brinton. Witnesses are Ogden Ross, 
> Cornelius W. Hall, and Matthew G. Wallace. The instrument 
> was filed 6 August 1806.
> In some correspondence, I have a copy of a letter written (typed) in 
> 1938 which lists some marriage dates of some Cooley's.  In Lincoln 
> County Kentucky David Andrews married Mary Cooley 6 Feb 1788, 
> daughter of Jabez Cooley. In Madison County Kentucky, James 
> Cooley married Patience Baker 27 Sept 1802 and Basil Baker was the
> [snip]
> > dmd wrote:
> >
> > > Ebenezer Walden bd 1798 is the son of Benjamin Walden and Hannah 
>>> Cooley. Benjamin was bd 1757 Culpeper County Virginia and married 7 
>>> April 1791 Madison County Kentucky. He is the son of James and Anne 
>>> Walden. Hannah  Cooley bd 11 January 1767 is the daughter of Jabez 
>>> Cooley. Benjamin and Hannah Cooley Walden had Sarah, James, Ebenezer,

>>> Elisha, Jesse, and William.
> --endquote--
> I'd also like to add that your point about the vastness of these early
> counties is a good one. Too often we see two people of the same 
> surname in the same county and will want to believe that they were 
> related. In fact, they may have lived a great many miles from one 
> another which, of course, does not preclude a relationship but it may 
> be that one such individual is more closely situated to someone in
> state. Blood ties are not, as we know, bound by county and state
> But we find clues where we can.
> Reflecting now, my enthusiasm when realizing that Joseph Gray (and, 
> hence, likely William M Cooley) had property on the Rolling Fork in 
> Washington county KY has quelled a bit knowing Rolling Fork is fairly 
> long. There were obviously a number of Cooleys in the region.
> I especially like what you have to say about the Montomery county VA 
> Cooleys. I'm always telling myself that I'm going to start putting
together a 
> "census" of 18th century VA Cooleys.
> Good stuff, Shirley.
> -Michael

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