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I have looked at some of these deeds on LDS microfilm. 
*John Cooley and Reuben Cooley had land that adjoined on Rolling Fork
adjoining Harlans Branch. 
*In 1814 Reuben Cooley, who signs by mark, is of Casey Co. KY,  in 1815
of Washington Co., KY, and in 1843 & 1854 of Marion Co., KY. 
*The 1818 grantor deeds of John Cooley show he has a wife Sarah or Sary,
who signs by mark.
*In 1839 Edmond Cooley is a witness to John Cooley's deed and in 1844
Edmond Cooley mortgages personal property to John Cooley.
*In 1843 when Reuben Cooley of Marion Co., KY purchases land on Rolling
Fork of Salt River, one of the witnesses is George Cooley who signs my
*The 1848 power of attorney is by John Cooley & wife Lavina, Elizabeth
Moore, late Elizabeth Cooley & now a widow, Simon A Ward & Dorinda Ward
his wife, late Dorinda Cooley, all of Sangamon Co., IL & children of John
Cooley dec'd, appoint their brother Thomas H Cooley of Casey Co. to be
their attorney
*The 1843 deed of Edward Cooley shows a wife Nancy who signs by mark.
*The 1845 deed of John Cooley shows a wife Sarah & both sign by mark.
*1848 Matthias Lane & Edmond Cooley sell their right to lands that John
Cooley dec'd had. Wives Nancy Lane and Nancy Cooley relinquished dower.
*1848 land of John Cooley Senr dec'd sold jointly by Sarah Cooley, widow,
Henry Willis & wf Rody, John Willis & wf Lucinda, Jane Cooley & Thomas H
Cooley of Casey Co., KY & Elizabeth Moore, now a widow, John Cooley Jr,
Simon B Ward & wife Dorinda, by Thomas H Cooley their attorney in fact of
Sangamon Co, IL. Wife of Thomas H Cooley was Lettitia Jane.
*1851 Edmond Cooley & wife Nancy, late Sinkhorn, join with other heirs of
Ezekiel Sinkhorn to sell property

By the way, the Adair Co. Daniel Cooley lived on Casey Creek which is
near the Casey County border. 

Gwendolyn Garrison, Casey County, Kentucky Marriage Bonds 1808-1850
(Lexington, KY: Kentucky Tree-Search, 1985)
Cooley, Nancy & Matthew Lane, 6/13/1822
Cooley, Rhoda & Henry Mills, 6/?/1825

Mrs. Eldred W. Melton, Marriage Records of Casey County, Kentucky
(Atlanta, GA: American Reprographics Inc.), 
page 13
Cooley, Edmond & Nancy Sinkhorn 2-3-1836
[also some later entries]


On Mon, 11 Dec 2006 22:32:11 -0800 michael at newsummer.com writes:
> Received from Julie Markham, Sep 2006
> General Index to Real Estate Conveyances--Casey County KY - 
> Grantors
> 1814 Ruben to Jno Gee, 2-14, 34 acres on Rolling Fork
> 1815 Ruben to Timothy Goode, 2-47, 43 acres on Rolling Fork
> 1815 Ruben to Jacob Huff, 2-49, 11 acres on Rolling Fork
> 1818 John to Jacob Minor, 2-218, 360 acres on Rolling Fork
> 1818 John and Sarah to Jacob Minor, 2-219, 53 acres on Harlan 
> Branch
> 1837 Ruben to Allen Phillips, 4-238, tract in Casey county
> 1840 John to Andrew Elder, 4-336, 26 acres in Casey county
> 1843 Edmond to John Cooley, 4-584, personal property
> 1845 Cornelius to G T Carpenter, 5-123, Stock
> 1848 John, Lavina, Elizabeth to Thomas N Cooley, 5-341, p of atty
> 1847 Edward to William Purdom, 5-407, 44 acres on S Rolling Fork
> 1846 John and Sarah to James H Rawling, 5-444, 10 acres on Little S 
> Fork
> 1848 Edward to James Rawlings, 5-444, the right of dower or 
> inheritance in
> Casey county
> 1848 Thomas H to Dowler Rowe, 6-211,
> 1851 Edward and Nancy to James May, 6-319, tract on little South R 
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