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Tue Dec 12 19:12:16 PST 2006

Here is the link for all the cemeteries, not just the Ds.
On Sun, 10 Dec 2006 12:57:45 -0800 michael at newsummer.com writes:
> First, I'm wholly unfamiliar with this list software and I didn't 
> know that by
> putting you on the initial list during the setup would auto-generate 
> the
> notice. The vast majority of you were not even aware that this was 
> about to
> happen. And I wasn't prepared to introduce it at this point.
> So, without getting into a big introduction let me just say that the 
> purpose
> of the list will be to keep researchers informed about any new 
> information
> that may be found about John Cooley and, hopefully, as an aid to 
> help everyone
> stay in touch. 
> The John Cooley I'm talking about is, of course, the John who lived 
> in Stokes
> county NC. There are so many questions that needs to be answered. 
> Did he come
> from Virginia (I think, yes)? Did he die in Casey county KY and if 
> so what
> date? (I speculate 1811 because at least four of his sons were on 
> the move
> that year.) Did he have a son named Benjamin? Was the Reuben Cooley 
> of Marion
> county really his grandson (son of Edward) or his own? (I'm 
> beginning to think
> the latter.) Where was he buried? (Here is a list I just found. I 
> don't know
> why I'm seeing only the D's:
> http://www.rootsweb.com/~kymercer/Locator/locatord.htm. Well, maybe 
> I do.) Was
> the Ruben Cooley Branch named for him? How did the Amanda Cooley 
> Branch get
> its name? How about Cooley Knob and Coolie Rd? How is the John 
> Cooley of Adair
> county KY related, if at all? Was he a son of Daniel? Who was 
> William Matthews
> Cooley? Was he the same William M Cooley in Stewart county TN? Was 
> Abraham
> Cooley related? (I think not.) How about Daniel Boone's buddy 
> William Cooley?
> (Again, I believe not but who at this point can really know.) Was 
> John Cooley
> really Dutch? (Don Cooley and I will state an emphatic "no", 
> particularly
> since our Y chromosome shows no trace of a Dutch ancestry.) Was he 
> English?
>  my inclination.) Is he the same John Cooley as found in 1755 the
> military payroll alongside Richard Goode, the same man with whom he 
> was
> obviously closely associated with in NC? Could he have been related 
> to the
> James Cooley who signed up during the Revolution in Surry county NC? 
> Are there
> other (potential) male Cooley descendants out there who are willing 
> to have
> their Y chromosome tested?
> The questions continue.
> For now, pointing your browser at johncooley.net will take you my 
> webpage for
> him at ancestraldata.com. Eventually, it will probably point to 
> information
> about the list and any specific research projects we may have going. 
> (For
> instance, I'm considering a trip to Casey county next year. Research 
> tips for
> when/if I get there would be helpful.) In the meantime, I know very 
> little
> about the functionality of this list. Please bear with me...and feel 
> free to
> post. So far as I know it should work! :)
> Michael Cooley
> Soquel Village, Santa Cruz County, California
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