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In a family group sheet made in the 1980s, Dale Walker states that John
Cooley's son Reuben was the Reuben who died in Jessamine county KY (1795).
This is decidedly not the case as John Cooley deeded land to his son Reuben in
Stokes county, NC, 1804, both being residents there at the time. 
Here's some excellent info about the Jessamine county Cooleys.



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Mary "Polly" Martin, daughter of Benjamin Martin and Sarah Baker
of Jessamine Co., KY, m c 1793, unknown place, Reuben Cooley.

Will Book I:204, Reuben Cooley, Inventory Mercer Co., KY Court 1795.
("Mercer Co. Records," KENTUCKY PIONEER & COURT RECORDS, McAdams, 1929,
p. 65)
Court Order Book No. 3 (1793-1801), p. 83 25 Mar 1794.
Administration on the estate of Reuben Cooley, dec'd, is granted to Mary
Cooley, widow and relict, and she entered into bond of 500 pounds with
Benjamin Martin and Joseph Davis her sureties. JamesDavis,Benjamin
Davis,Joseph Bunch and Jeremiah Brown or any three of them to make
appraisal of the personal property of the decendent.
Evansville, IN: Cook Pub., 1987, p. 380)
[This was Joseph Davis and his brother, Benjamin Davis.
Joseph Davis m 17 Lincoln Co., KY, Elizabeth Grayson Gordon, widow of
Capt. John Gordon, who was slain at the Battle of Blue Licks.
John Gordon's daughter, Nancy, married 1790, Mercer Co., Abner Martin,
brother of Mary Martin. It is believed that Capt. Gordon's daughter,
Jenetta, married about 1802, probably Henderson Co., KY, Lindsey Martin,
another brother of Mary Martin. Mary's brother, James Martin, m c 1803,
probably Henderson Co., Joseph Davis and Elizabeth Grayson's dau.
Priscilla Davis.]

Polly Martin Cooley m (2) 10 Jan 1801, Jessamine Co., KY Stephen
Walters. Polly died by 16 May 1815, probably Jessamine Co., as Stephen
Walters re-married on that date, Polly's neice, Sarah (Sally) McClure,
daughter of John McClure and Lucy Martin. Polly and Stephen had issue.

Mary Martin and Reuben Cooley had one son:

Reuben Cooley b 22 Sep 1794, d 18 Feb 1866.
Buried Reuben Cooley Graveyard on Shun Road about 4 miles sw of
Nicholasville, owned in 1931 by Jess Burch.
(Reuben Cooley Graveyard)
m 21 Dec 1820, Jessamine Co., KY, Lucy [Smith]
("Jessamine Co. Marriages," KENTUCKY COURT AND OTHER RECORDS, Vol 1, by
Ardery) b 14 Nov 1802, d 21 Oct 1855 (Cooley Cemetery)

Reuben's children:
1. Sarah, dau. of R. & L. Cooley, wife of L. Ford, b 17 Mar 1823, d 10
Dec 1856 (Cooley Cem.)
2. Elizabeth (Cooley) wife of Milton Phillips, b June 1829, d 24 Feb
1860. (Cooley Cem.)
3. Matilda Cooley b 28 Nov 1831, d 4 Nov 1854
(Cooley Cem.)
4. G.D. Cooley b c 1834
5. W.D. Cooley b c 1836
6. Emily G. Cooley b 26 May 1842, d 14 Nov 1864
(Cooley Cem.)
("Jessamine County," Reuben Cooley Cem., KENTUCKY CEMETERY RECORDS, Vol.
I, compied by KY Records Research Committee, Lexington, KY: Kentucky
Soc. DAR, 1960, p. 471)

M. Cooley age 23 b Jessamine Co., d Nov 23, 1854 of fever. Parent R.
Lucy Cooley age 66, b Jessamine Co., d 10 Nov 1855 of dropsy. Parents D.
& L. Smith
Matilda Cooley 20, b Jessamine Co., d 10 Aug 1855 of consumption.
Parents R & L Cooley.
("Jessamine Co. Deaths 1852-1904,"
REGISTER of the Kentucky Historical Soc., April 1957, p. 150)

Jessamine Co., KY census
1830 p. 224.
1m 30-40
1f 20-30
1f 50-60 [Aunt Elizabeth Martin?]
2f -5
3f 5-10
1840 Jessamine Co. KY census, p. 244
1850 census Jessamine Co., KY
Dist. 2 p. 47, August 1850
#135 Reubin Cooley 57, Farmer, KY
Lucy 50, KY
Elizabeth 20, KY
Mat.? 18, female, KY [Matilda?]
G.D. 16, male, carpenter, KY, att. school
W.D. 14, male, KY, att. school
Mary? _? 11 female, KY, att. school
Kath? 8 female, KY, att. school [Was this Emily G. b 1842, d 1864]

GEN. HELPER, Jan/Feb 1988, p. 99, reference to [a] Reuben Cooley deed
1815 to Timothy Good, 43a in Casey Co., KY

Jessamine Co. Tax list
1815 Ruben Cooley 1 male, 2 Blacks, 1 horse
1816 Reuben Cooley 1m, 1h
1817 illegible; 1818 -no lists
1819 Reuben Cooley, no land, 1m, 2B,1h
1820 Rubin Cooley (did not see)
1821 Rubin Cooley no land, 1m,2B,1h
1822 Reubin Cooley 180a KY River, entered by Martin, 1m,1B,2h
Elizaeth Martin (given in by Rubin Cooley), no land, 2B,1h
1823-Reuben Cooley 180a KY River, 1m,2B,1h
Elizabeth Martin (no acres shown) 3B, 2h
1824-Reubin Cooley 170a KY Riv. 1m, 2B,4h
Elizabeth Martin (no acres) 3B, 2h
1825-1826 Reuben Cooley (did not see Reuben or Elizabeth Martin)
1827 Reuben Cooley 160a, 1m, 2B,5h
Elizabeth Martin no acres, 5B, 2h
1828 Reuben Cooley 160a KY Riv., 1m, 2B,5h
Elizabeth Martin 5B, 2h
1829 Reuben Cooley 150a KY Riv., 1m,2B,3h
Elizabeth Martin no acres, 6B,2h
1830 Reuben Cooley 150a, 1m,2B,3
Elizabeth Martin, no acres, 6B,2h
It appears that Reuben Cooley was paying taxes on the land Benjamin
Martin had left his daughter, Elizabeth Martin.

Benjamin Martin's will Jessamine Co., KY, WB C:146, d 3 May 1818, proved
Court Aug. 1821.
"... whereas Ruben Cooly is a son of my daughter Polly Walters alias
Polly Martin. It is my will that he shall have the one half of what she
and her heirs may be entitled to."

Jessamine Co. DB G:245. _? Sep 1821.
Benjamin Martin's children & heirs, including, Reubin Coly [sic]
manumited and set at liberty the slave Peggy "woman slave Peggy for 30
sevices? of years to our father.."
Deed of Emancipation proven June Court 1822

Jessamine Co., KY DB N:276. 29 Jan 1841. Know all men by these presents
That I Elizabeth Martin of the County of Jessamine in State of Kentucky,
have this day granted bargained and sold unto Reuben Cooley ny Nephew a
negro boy named Greenup for the sum of one dollar to me in hand paid the
receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged
and for the further consideration of the natural love and affection that
I have to the said Reuben Cooley doth grant, bargain, __? and confirm
the above named boy Greenup a slave for life to the said Reuben Cooley
his heirs assigns & forever.
S/ Elizabeth (X) Martin. . Wit: Jos. H. Chrisman, Isaac McKay. proven 2
Mar 1841.

Jessamine Co., KY WB:F:394-395. 29 Jan 1841.
1st I desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid...
2nd. I give and bequeath to my nephew Reuben Cooly and his heirs forever
the following named negroes slaves
America,Betsey, Kitty, Dilsey,James,John,Willis,Sarah & Joseph, them and
their increase upon the conditon that the said Reuben Cooly pay the
following named legacies to my Brothers and Sisters or their heirs viz:
Brother Abner Martins heirs the sum of five dollars, also to my brother
Lindsey Martin heirs the sum of five dollars, also to my brother William
Martin the sum of one hundred dollars, also to the heirs of my brother
Caleb Martin one hundred dollars, also to my Brother James Martin the
sum of five dollars, also to my Brother Larkin Martin the sum of one
hundred dollars, also to the heirs of my sister Polly the sum of one
hundred dollars, also to the heirs of sister Lucy McClure's heirs the
sum of five dollars.
3dly I give all the rest of my estate both real and personal of whatever
nature or kind soever it may be not herein disposed of to my nephew
Reuben Cooly his heirs forever. And lastly I do hereby constitute and
appoint my friend Joseph H. Chrisman executor of this my last will and
testament. In witness I have here unto set my hand and affixed my seal
this twenty ninth day of January 1841.
Wit: Joseph H. Chrisman, Isaac McKay.
Aug. Court 1841 proved and ordered recorded.

Court Order book __, p. 213.
Reubin Cooley one of the devisees named in a writing purporting to be
the last will and testament of Elizabeth Martin, dec'd, this day
presented said writing for probate, whereupon Larkin Martin,Benjamin
Walters and David Walters by their counsel appeared objected to the
probate thereof, and upon affdavit sworn to & filed moved the court to
continue this case until the next term which is granted.
Court Order book __, pp. 218-219. August court 1841. Reuben Cooley again
presented Elizabeth's will to the court to be proved.. and Larkin
Martin, Benjamin Walters and David Walters appeared and opposed the
proof of said will, whereupon divers witnesses were sworn and examined.
On consideration whereof it was the opinion of the court that Elizabeth
Martin was at the time of said will of sound and disposing mind and
memory and that she was under no undue influence, and thereupon the said
writing was proved acording to law...
and a certificate granted the executor who may qualify. It is therefore
considered by the court that the said Reubin Cooley recover
of the said Larkin Martin, Benjn Walter and David Walter his costs in
this controversy... Joseph H. Chrisman took the oath required by law and
executed bond with Andrew Smith his security in the penalty of $1000..
It is ordered that Jeremiah Rowland,John Patterson, Thos. Bryant and
William G. Coger or any three of them be and they are hereby appointed
commissioners to appraise the personal estate & slaves if any of
Elizabeth Martin, dec'd & report to the court.

Jessamine County, KY DB D:364-365. 16 Feb 1844. Rueben Cooley & Lucy,
his wife, to Matthew Campbell all of Jessamine Co. $658. 1/2, waters of
Kentucky river, 156a, interest of sd Cooley, being nine undivided
sixteenths which is the amount hereby conveyed.. formerly property of
Benjamin Martin and being the same on which the sd Benjamin lived at
time of his death. S/ Reuben Cooley, Lucy (X) Cooley. Ack & rec. 19 Feb
1844. Lucy exam. No wits.

Compiled by Peggy B. Chapman, 29 Oct 2001
Lubbock, TX


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