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Sun Dec 10 12:57:45 PST 2006

First, I'm wholly unfamiliar with this list software and I didn't know that by
putting you on the initial list during the setup would auto-generate the
notice. The vast majority of you were not even aware that this was about to
happen. And I wasn't prepared to introduce it at this point.

So, without getting into a big introduction let me just say that the purpose
of the list will be to keep researchers informed about any new information
that may be found about John Cooley and, hopefully, as an aid to help everyone
stay in touch. 

The John Cooley I'm talking about is, of course, the John who lived in Stokes
county NC. There are so many questions that needs to be answered. Did he come
from Virginia (I think, yes)? Did he die in Casey county KY and if so what
date? (I speculate 1811 because at least four of his sons were on the move
that year.) Did he have a son named Benjamin? Was the Reuben Cooley of Marion
county really his grandson (son of Edward) or his own? (I'm beginning to think
the latter.) Where was he buried? (Here is a list I just found. I don't know
why I'm seeing only the D's:
http://www.rootsweb.com/~kymercer/Locator/locatord.htm. Well, maybe I do.) Was
the Ruben Cooley Branch named for him? How did the Amanda Cooley Branch get
its name? How about Cooley Knob and Coolie Rd? How is the John Cooley of Adair
county KY related, if at all? Was he a son of Daniel? Who was William Matthews
Cooley? Was he the same William M Cooley in Stewart county TN? Was Abraham
Cooley related? (I think not.) How about Daniel Boone's buddy William Cooley?
(Again, I believe not but who at this point can really know.) Was John Cooley
really Dutch? (Don Cooley and I will state an emphatic "no", particularly
since our Y chromosome shows no trace of a Dutch ancestry.) Was he English?
(That my inclination.) Is he the same John Cooley as found in 1755 the
military payroll alongside Richard Goode, the same man with whom he was
obviously closely associated with in NC? Could he have been related to the
James Cooley who signed up during the Revolution in Surry county NC? Are there
other (potential) male Cooley descendants out there who are willing to have
their Y chromosome tested?

The questions continue.

For now, pointing your browser at johncooley.net will take you my webpage for
him at ancestraldata.com. Eventually, it will probably point to information
about the list and any specific research projects we may have going. (For
instance, I'm considering a trip to Casey county next year. Research tips for
when/if I get there would be helpful.) In the meantime, I know very little
about the functionality of this list. Please bear with me...and feel free to
post. So far as I know it should work! :)

Michael Cooley
Soquel Village, Santa Cruz County, California


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