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This is from my online note. In 1932, Arthur believed that the James who
died in 1829 was Joseph's son. That appears to have been Tallant's take.
The idea that James was James's son appears to have originated with
Walker, perhaps 50 or more later. I believe Dale was as mistaken about
that as he was that John Cooley was Dutch.

Letter, 30 May 1932, from Arthur M Kiergan to Mildred Cooley Tallant.

Arthur was a grandson of John Cooley and Elizabeth White and believed that
James was John's brother. Arthur's mother, Dorothy Cooley, married first her
cousin (Benjamin?) Cooley and had three sons: Joseph, Michael and John
William Cooley.

"The bondsmen for James Cooley, [can't read] were evidently my grandfather
John Cooley and Thomas (Uncle "Tant") as my father called him was evidently
the brother of my grandmother White Cooley. But Jane [can't read] I cannot
place but likely was sis. to my grandfather. It would be most natural to
associate the close kin in such a capacity. It strikes me that this James
Cooley, of August 25, 1829, John Cooley and Jane Cooley were brothers and
sister and that Thos ("Tant") White was a brother to my grandmother. This
latter I know to be correct, for my father spoke of him often in my
childhood as my mother's uncle."

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