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I do have news though sad. Donald Dean Cooley passed away at 2:40am on
March 1st. He was a wonderful man and certainly upheld the Cooley name.

Scott Cooley

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Thought I'd forward this on. These Cooleys are descendants of John's son
Joseph and grandson (through James) Cornelius.

Some other news: I've been asked to speak at the Cooley Family Association
of America (CFAA) reunion in July at DC. Perhaps some of you can make it.
It would be great to meet you. And I've started a genealogy club at Humboldt
State University. Among other things, I'm hoping the club can encourage the
HSU library to acquire resources. (There's next to nothing up here!)

So, does anyone else have any news?


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Subject: 2012 Officer-Cooley Family Reunion
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Hi Cousins:

Please find attached the announcement for the 2012 Officer-Cooley Family
Association Reunion. We are very fortunate to have an excellent facility
lined up this year very near the area where our ancestors settled when
they got to Oregon in 1845. You'll note also that the program is a
little more complex than past years so I suggest you print and save a copy
or file one electronically where you can read it again near the time of the
event. We'll also be sending out reminder notices as we get near the
Reunion. The big date is Saturday July 7 at Champoeg Park just off I-5 in
the northern Willamette Valley. But there is also a social event and BBQ
the night before for those who can make it. Although RSVP's are not
mandatory for either event, having them will help us plan for the expected
number of cousins who will show up. Details are in the Announcement.

Keep in mind that some cousins do not have email so please make an effort to
let them know the particulars by other means.

Memorabilia is always welcome at our Reunions so bring what you can.
Sometimes it amazing what will turn up.

You will note the 10 historic pictures that are incorporated in the
announcement. All but one of them show relatives in our common lineage.
Most but not all of the people shown were on the 1845 wagon train that got
lost following Stephen Meek across eastern and central Oregon. One
actually came out to Oregon in 1843. See how many you can put names on
and we'll let you know how close you came at the Reunion.

We are really looking forward to a great Reunion this year. So please
make an extra effort to show up and enjoy your extended family as well as
learn something about our common heritage.

Mike and Bud
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