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I spent a few hours last week looking at census records for the Jessamine
county Cooley and noticed the presence of Claiborne Cooley, who had at
least three descendants named Tucker. Trying to do genealogy by first name
comparison can sometimes be disastrous between the reappearance of an
unusual names, such as Tucker, can be promising, as has the frequent
showings of the name Perrin among my John Cooley's descendants.

I'd sure be willing to be that Claiborne is of the Thadeus line, but the
question is how.

Perhaps this is nothing new to you but, for the record, some info is found



> Here's John's followup.
> John...Do you know who Reuben Jr's sons, G.D. Cooley (c1834-) and W.D.
> Cooley (c1836-), were? They sound so familiar. It seems that I've been
> down this road before but I can't find my notes.
> -Michael
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> Michael,
> I am descended from Thadeus' grand-daughter Mary Cooley 1809-1870, and
> understand you need male Cooley line. However, happy to share research,
> and looking for Thadeus descendent candidates that might be of further
> help.
> Some clarification about Reuben Sr, he reportedly died in Mercer Co, KY -
> his wife Mary Martin and son Reuben Jr likely moved to Jessamine Co after
> he died. Thadeus' daughter Matilda Cooley Snodgrass was actually slightly
> younger than her nephew Reuben Cooley Jr, so were age contemporaries vs
> typical aunt-nephew. The connections to Jessamine County are logical and
> timeline fits - key pieces of info were 1) the tax list (showing Reuben
> living with Thadeus/his age within a year) and 2) will of Thadeus naming
> Reuben Jr as grandson. Some info on Reuben Sr and Jr below, some of which
> came from:
> .
> I can send you an updated descendent record from family treemaker later
> on.
> About Abraham, I have tax lists which show he lived in Montgomery Co, VA
> same time as Thadeus during 1780's, although in different tax district. I
> also found a James Cooley living in Montgomery Co at same time, and
> references of a James Cooley from NC who lived in Montgomery Co for a few
> years. There was also a Francis and Thomas Coley (consistent spelling
> with one "o"), and do not appear to be related. Thadeus's district became
> Wythe Co in 1789, and unsure if Abraham later moved or his Montgomery Co
> district became Grayson Co, VA. Age of Abraham's children would be
> consistent with Abraham being slightly younger than Thadeus. Thadeus' son
> Daniel lived in Wythe Co until about time his first wife died, then moved
> to Grayson Co where his older sister Rachel Cooley Grayson lived, and also
> area where Abraham's family settled.
> John
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> Will Book I:204, Reuben Cooley (Sr), Inventory Mercer Co., KY Court 1795.
> ("Mercer Co. Records," KENTUCKY PIONEER & COURT RECORDS, McAdams, 1929, p.
> 65)
> Court Order Book No. 3 (1793-1801), p. 83 25 Mar 1794.
> Administration on the estate of Reuben Cooley, dec'd, is granted to Mary
> Cooley, widow and relict, and she entered into bond of 500 pounds with
> Benjamin Martin and Joseph Davis her sureties. James Davis, Benjamin
> Davis, Joseph Bunch and Jeremiah Brown or any three of them to make
> appraisal of the personal property of the decedent.
> ("Jessamine County," Reuben Cooley Cem., KENTUCKY CEMETERY RECORDS, Vol.
> I, compied by KY Records Research Committee, Lexington, KY: Kentucky
> Soc. DAR, 1960, p. 471
> Reuben Sr. 1769-1795 married Mary Martin 1772-1815.
> Their only child was Reuben Sr, 1794-1866. He married Lucy Smith
> 1802-1856.
> Reuben's (jr) children:
> 1. Sarah, dau. of R. & L. Cooley, wife of L. Ford, b 17 Mar 1823, d 10
> Dec 1856 (Cooley Cem.)
> 2. Elizabeth (Cooley) wife of Milton Phillips, b June 1829, d 24 Feb
> 1860. (Cooley Cem.)
> 3. Matilda Cooley b 28 Nov 1831, d 4 Nov 1854
> (Cooley Cem.)
> 4. G.D. Cooley b c 1834
> 5. W.D. Cooley b c 1836
> 6. Emily G. Cooley b 26 May 1842, d 14 Nov 1864
> (Cooley Cem.)
> Sarah Cooley 1823 €“ 1856
> Elizabeth Cooley 1829 €“ 1860
> Matilda Cooley 1831 €“ 1854
> George Davenport Cooley 1833 €“ 1917
> William L Cooley 1836 €“ 1900
> Margaret Cooley 1839 €“
> Emily G. "Kathy"? Cooley 1842 €“ 1864
> Jessamine Co. Tax lists (Reuben Jr)
> 1815 Ruben Cooley 1 male, 2 Blacks, 1 horse
> 1816 Reuben Cooley 1m, 1h
> 1817 illegible; 1818 -no lists
> 1819 Reuben Cooley, no land, 1m, 2B,1h
> 1820 Rubin Cooley (did not see)
> 1821 Rubin Cooley no land, 1m,2B,1h
> 1822 Reubin Cooley 180a KY River, entered by Martin, 1m,1B,2h
> Elizaeth Martin (given in by Rubin Cooley), no land, 2B,1h
> 1823-Reuben Cooley 180a KY River, 1m,2B,1h
> Elizabeth Martin (no acres shown) 3B, 2h
> 1824-Reubin Cooley 170a KY Riv. 1m, 2B,4h
> Elizabeth Martin (no acres) 3B, 2h
> 1825-1826 Reuben Cooley (did not see Reuben or Elizabeth Martin)
> 1827 Reuben Cooley 160a, 1m, 2B,5h
> Elizabeth Martin no acres, 5B, 2h
> 1828 Reuben Cooley 160a KY Riv., 1m, 2B,5h
> Elizabeth Martin 5B, 2h
> 1829 Reuben Cooley 150a KY Riv., 1m,2B,3h
> Elizabeth Martin no acres, 6B,2h
> 1830 Reuben Cooley 150a, 1m,2B,3
> Elizabeth Martin, no acres, 6B,2h
> It appears that Reuben Cooley was paying taxes on the land Benjamin
> Martin had left his daughter, Elizabeth Martin.
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> Hi John,
> This makes a lot of sense to me!
> As you know, I haven't followed these Cooleys closely--only to the point
> hat proves that Reuben of Jessamine was not my John's Reuben. (John's
> euben was mentioned as his son in an 1804 deed.) I thought I had some
> nline notes about Reuben Jr, but I'm not finding them. Do you have dates
> nd children for him?
> I've never felt that your Cooleys are related to mine but the final word
> s yet to be written about that--and I'm always happy to be proved wrong
> hen it comes to getter to the truth. I'd like to forward this email to
> he John Cooley list, if you don't mind. Someone on it may have looked
> ore closely at these Cooleys than I have. As you know, we're hoping to
> ind Abraham's DNA. Your suggestion that Thadeus and Abraham may have been
> rothers and that the Jessamine county Cooleys might have been of that
> lan makes all of this pertinent to our research. In fact, would you like
> o be on the list? At this point, it's reasonable to consider that all of
> hese Cooleys might have been related to one another in some way.
> -Michael
> Michael,
> A note of interest. I saw a posting in your webite about Reuben Cooley
> from Jessamine Co, and am now certain that the Reuben Cooley who died in
> Jessamine County abt 1795 was Thadeus Cooley's eldest son. I have tax
> lists from Wythe Co, VA, which show Reuben living with Thadeus in Wythe
> Co
> in 1787, which place his birth around 1769. Reuben is also listed as a
> witness to a will in Wythe Co in 1792. Then he dissapears from VA
> records. He is reported to have married Mary Polly Martin abt 1793, and
> they had Reuben Jr in 1794 in Kentucky, shortly before Reuben Sr died.
> Those Cooleys have remained in Jessamine Co, KY for generations, or
> nearby
> in KY. Thadeus had a daughter named Matilda, named in his 1814 will as
> Matilda Stuart. Thadeus' son John, my line, had a wife named Martha
> Snodgrass. Her brother John Snodgrass married a Matilda Stuart in Wythe
> Co in 1818 - took me awhile to realize that this was Matilda Cooley who
> was married previously to a Stuart, and was Thadeus' youngest daughter.
> Mary Martin's father Benjamin moved to Jessamine County, KY by 1810. He
> was from Orange Co, VA - not far from Wythe Co. Mary remarried in
> Jessamine Co in 1801. Reuben Cooley Jr remained in Jessamine Co.
> Now it all fits together. Reuben moved from Wythe Co, VA to Jessamine,
> KY
> abt 1793, where they had son Reuben Jr. His wife Mary remarried Stephen
> Walters in 1801 and remained in Jessamine KY. John Snograss and Matilda
> Cooley moved to Jessamine, KY bet 1818 and 1820, likely to be near their
> nephew Reuben. VA Tax lists show that John Cooley left Wythe Co abt
> 1822-23, and must have arrived in Fayette Co, IN by 1824. The Cooleys
> likley met the Snodgrass' in Jessamine, KY c1823 and traveled together to
> Fayette, IN, where John Snodgrass died bef 1834. The Cooleys traveled
> along one of the famous pioneer routes, from Wythe, VA across mtns thru
> Cumberland Gap into Kentucky. John Cooley and Martha Snodgrass took John
> Snodgrass' daughter Margaret into their home after John died, and
> Margaret
> was named in John Cooley's Last Will dated 1845 in La Porte Co, IN.
> Regards
> John
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