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I thought some of you might find this of interest.

-The Cooley Family Association is meeting in DC in July.
-They're looking for a new president.
-I'm mentioned in one of the paragraphs. :)


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Subject: A quick update on CFAA happenings
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Date: Sat, January 28, 2012 8:27 am
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Dear CFAA Members,

I know we are all anxious to hear about the plans for our 2012 reunion. The
Communiqué is delayed and as a consequence I am sending this email message
with some important updates from our President including the dates for our

Doug Cooley
CFAA Genealogist


Happy New Year to all of our esteemed Cooley Family Association members! I
hope everyone has a great 2012, and I am very excited to present some
important updates to you on behalf of the organization.

Our 2012 biennial reunion will be held for the first time ever in Washington
DC on July 26 (late afternoon) – 28 (noon-ish). We expect this to be a
researcher’s dream event with planned visits to the National Archives and
the DAR Library (see more details below!) Of course the event will be
highlighted by our traditional CFAA dinner event where we will have
interesting speakers as well as the usual good food and good company.
Details are still being finalized but please lock in the dates -- perhaps
you can expand your visit to take full advantage of all our nation’s capitol
has to offer!

I am also pleased to announce that the CFAA has “officially entered the 21st
century” by establishing presences on both Facebook and Twitter. For those
of you already utilizing these modern networking tools, please search for us
and reach out so we can begin to establish these easy-to-use platforms as a
means to communicate more quickly and grow our membership.

In another important development, the board has also recently appointed
Michael Cooley to serve as our Second Vice President. You will read more
about Michael in the next Communiqué. Michael’s knowledge of the
‘non-Benjamin’ Cooley lines is unsurpassed and he will be a great asset to
the organization as we continue to be more inclusive of all the upstanding
Cooleys in the US and beyond.

As I complete my second term as your President, I am also seeking interested
members who may wish to get involved in helping this organization into the
future. By the time of our reunion, I will have made my contribution and
will be stepping down. Please don’t hesitate to step up; this is a great
and rewarding organization to serve. If you would like to be considered for
nomination, get involved in any of our leadership positions, please just
shoot me an email (president_at_cooleyfamilyassociation.com) expressing your
interest and we can set up a call.

I want to thank our entire leadership team for continuing to advance these
great initiatives, and please let us know if you think you can attend the
reunion so we can properly estimate a headcount.

Dave Cooley
President, CFAA

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