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From: Michael Cooley <>
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2012 22:02:32 -0800

Thanks for the link, Jim. I'll watch it tomorrow. I love BBC
documentaries. There's a good one called "Britain AD" renamed "The Age of
Arthur" for American audiences.

Do you have a link for these results? I can't find the Isle of Man project.

The results I have on the Y page are the only R1a1-2b results I've seen
other than ours. Our common ancestor to this man might go back 2000 years
or so.

It just occurred to me that even if our John's grandfather had Y grandsons
other than John, they might not have living patrilineal descendants. In
the scheme of things, it's a rare thing that our Y's share a common
ancestor born 275 year ago and is of a line that stretches back to the
beginnings of the human race. I wonder how many Y lineages die for each
one that survives?


> I was thinking R1a1 (or even R1a1a) but I typed R1a for the general
> antagonist to R1b. Plus the
> article I was looking at just had R1a, with the implied Scandinavian
> roots.
> I also found a fairly close match at ftdna under the Isle of Man
> project, kit no. 188790, with a
> surname KEIG, an R1a1a tracing back to 1730.
> This was the first time I've noticed the COOLE surname within the
> British Isles, and with the Isle
> of Man situated in the Irish Sea, sort of midway between the Irish
> Cooley Peninsula and Scotland,
> well, I got a little excited.
> Check this out when you get a chance, right around the 6 minute mark:
> Jim
> On 1/8/2012 7:22 PM, Michael Cooley wrote:
>> I haven't looked deeply into it. The connection is so ancient that it
>> can
>> tell us, I believe, only about the general sweep of the group.
>> I did, however, find a fairly close matching r1a1-b2. I have his results
>> listed in the last column at
>> . It's been awhile
>> since
>> I've corresponded to him. He's not a Cooley and, if I recall correctly,
>> he
>> was born on the eastern coast of England, perhaps Sussex. I think there
>> was an adoption involved in his line, too. We were unable to take our
>> correspondence very far.
>> BTW, I don't think it's R1a that's Nordic. That haplogroup is even found
>> in India. But I think R1a1 is.
>> -Michael
>>> Was wondering if anyone had gone down this road yet. The common family
>>> name COOLE comes up in a number of searches for the Isle of Man and
>>> subsequent yDNA projects. I've only just skimmed this subject but at
>>> least one study has shown an incidence of around a third of the Manx
>>> men
>>> tested with an R1a (Norse) origin. Any thoughts?
>>> Jim
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