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John Cooley likely lived in the Rolling Fork region in the small panhandle
of Casey county that today borders Marion county on the west and Boyle
county on the north. Some of the Cooleys are buried in the Roller Cemetery
in Marion county. John could have been buried that far north but I think
it's more likely he's closer to home. It's certainly possible he was
buried in Mercer county but I don't think we should give up the search.

I've not looked closely at the Mercer county Cooleys because none of the
early census records appear to match any of ours. Their roots in Virginia
is a couple of decades more recent than ours. Also, there were other
Cooleys in the region who were certainly not related, such as the Reuben
Cooley in Jassamine county who died in the 1790s and the Jabez Cooley of
Lincoln county, whose DNA points to origins with the Benjamin clan.

Poke around on this map a little:

I wish I could find a better representation but finding maps online has
not been my strong suit. :)

You might also want to look at these posts:


> I believe the Cooley Cemetery now gone was our Cooley's because the John
> Kirkland listed here is a brother to John Cooley, Sr.s daughter in law,
> Margaret Kirkland Cooley that married the son, John Cooley that went to Mo
> about 1811.
> Jane Wisdom
>> I may be missing something but I don't see John Cooley mentioned here.
>> Remember, the early Mercer county Cooleys may not have been our Cooleys.
>> -Michael
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>>> I just found this on the internet. It is sad news about the Cooley
>>> Cemetery
>>> in Mercer County, Ky. Halfway down you can read it about John Cooley
>>> death,
>>> buried in Cooley Cemetery.
>>> Our loss. If there would be some
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