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John Clauss has been keeping me updated on his research for Thadeus Cooley
of Wythe county VA. He believes Thadeus was a brother of Abraham Cooley (m
Sarah Reeder). Here's his reasoning.


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Subject: Re: Thadeus and Elizabeth Cooley, Wythe Co, VA
Date: Wed, December 28, 2011 4:40 pm


I have done more work on Thadeus and Abraham Cooley, and now convinced
that Thadeus who lived in Montgomery/Wythe Co, VA is a brother of Abraham
Cooley from England, who lived in Surrey Co, NC then settled in Grayson
Co, VA (now part of Carroll Co). Abraham's wife was Sarah Reeder. Thadeus
had several encounters with the Reeder family, including land sales and
witness for his will. Thadeus sister Rachel Cooley Grayson lived in
Grayson Co. So did Thadeus' eldest son Daniel. Daniel's will probation
had a Benjamin (Franklin) Cooley on the court jury - Abraham's son.
Thadeus and Abraham were about same age. Too many coincidences. I read
an old Cooley family researcher's letter also concluding that Cooleys in
Wythe and Grayson counties were related. I suspect their father was Peter
Cooley from England.

I need to update my Thadeus Cooley chart for you, which has some new
additions/ changes. Have a good new year.


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