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Shoot. There's no mention in "Maury County Cousins" of William Matthews
Cooley. I'll check with Helen Harrell and see if she has another idea as
to where she found the entry. And Trent (below) was certainly very
helpful. Perhaps he can provide further assistance.

It's possible that the whole notion was the result of someone's
imagination. We've certainly seen it before (Hamil, Elizabeth Cooley and
the Dutch Cooleys, for instance.) It certainly wasn't Helen's imagination.
She has a good reputation. There's a reference out there somewhere. We
just need to find it and evaluate whether it's worth anything. I'll keep


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Dear Mr. Cooley,

Thank you for the inquiry. I checked Volume 1 of "Maury County Cousins:
Bible and Family Records," and according to the index, the Cooley surname
is only mentioned on pages 440 and 441. I do not see the names you are
researching on those pages. In the event I overlooked the names, I have
attached PDF copies of the relevant pages.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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I'm told that the first volume (1967) of "Maury County Cousins" states
that the mother of William Matthews Cooley was Sarah Matthews. I'm having
difficulty finding the book, but I see that it's in your collection.

Is is possible to receive confirmation that the entry is, if fact, in the
book and, if it is, arrange to have PDF copies made of the relevant pages?

Michael Cooley

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